Natalia Maiboroda

The Natural Charm of Serbia

In the most southern part of Serbia, on the slopes of the Radan Mountain, there is an awe-inspiring place called “Davolja Varos.” In English it means the “Devil's Town”.

Cambodia: A Country Of Children’s Smiles

Far, far away, hidden amidst the jungles of Asia, is the Kingdom of Cambodia. Its ancient civilization developed on the banks of the legendary Mekong and long evaded the European…

Shocking India Motherland Of A Creative Freedom

Many have travelled to this land of sharp contrasts, from The Beatles to Steve Jobs, in search of creative freedom – and have found it. Even perennially swamped businesspeople have stayed…

The Voice of Rhodes

Once upon a time, beautiful Greece lived in Europe. She had 2000 children. One of them, Rhodes, decided to hide and took refuge near Turkey.

Chemal Altai’s Anthill

In the world there are many tourist spots associated with the word "gold", from the triangle and the waterfall, to the ring. In Russia, there is a mountainous region called…