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The stimulus that learning provides in addition to being able to augment the resume, is driving many towards online courses that we can do at our own pace. The Australian National University is one among many that provides such an opportunity.

Apply for Free Online Courses at Australian National University

Presently, the Australian National University has interesting courses on offer that are available for free.

Here are some that we found interesting and at the same time, as usual, we would suggest you look up all the courses that are available via this institution:

  • Astrophysics: Cosmology: This is an intermediate level course requiring an investment of 2 to 4 hours a week over 10 weeks. Even though we know extremely little about the universe the course teaches you about several areas of cosmology including recent findings.
  • Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe: While putting in an effort of 2 to 4 hours a week over 9 weeks, you shall learn about the origins of the universe and all those areas that remain mystifying to date despite all the progress science has seen.
  • Introduction to Actuarial Science: Probability plays a major role in almost all areas of life. The course relates to actuarial science with reference to Finance, Insurance, banking and investments. The time you will be required to put in would be 2 to 4 hours per week through 8 weeks.

On this link you shall be able to look up all the courses this educational institution has made available.

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