7 Affordable City Breaks in Europe for This Spring

A list of budget-friendly travel destinations in Europe for any students looking to travel in the upcoming months.

Spring break can be a great time to explore a bit more of Europe. The weather is pleasant enough and the prices have not yet reached their high season potential. So, if you are looking where to go on your spring break in Europe, here are the best city breaks for travelers on a budget.


Krakow, Poland

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Kraków, located in a southern part of Poland near the border with the Czech Republic, is a hidden gem of Eastern Europe. This second-largest city in Poland is full of rich history and unique attraction sites. You can wander around its old town, discover the enchanting castle complex, make a quick day trip to nearby salt mines or simply enjoy a lively nightlife scene at the main square of the city.

The prices in Krakow are very low compared to Western European cities, therefore making it a perfect destination for any traveler on a budget.


Prague, Czech Republic

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One of the most affordable city breaks in Europe is, of course, the capital of the Czech Republic. From the historic old town, fairytale-like streets, and corners to some of the wildest nightlife scenes. Prague has it all. In addition, if you are a student, you can take advantage of various discounts that Prague’s most visited landmarks offer.

Although the city has gained its popularity over the years and is now visited by millions of tourists from all around the world, the prices are kept in the affordable range. This makes it a great city break escape for a spring break with your classmates or a group of close friends.


Riga, Latvia

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Riga is one of the three Baltic capitals with its old town being a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is full of gothic and art nouveau architectural wonders, cobbled streets, and pastel-colored houses. On top of that, the city’s food scene is very diverse and cheap. You can easily spend less than €10 for a meal at one of the restaurants.

The weather in spring will be pleasantly warm and you can enjoy a romantic setting of blooming trees and flowers at the city’s main squares. If you find time, you can even take a quick train ride to the nearby beach of Jurmala for as little as a few euros.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

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If you look up the definition of ‘charming’, we are sure you will find Ljubljana as one of the examples. A beautiful old town with cobbled streets, uniquely shaped bridges crossing the Ljubljanica river, and the hilltop castle overlooking the whole city, these are just a few things that will make you fall in love with Ljubljana.

Apart from a fairytale-like city atmosphere, the city offers great quality food that is mostly made from local ingredients. Spend the afternoon in one of the many riverside cafes or make a quick day trip to the famous Lake Bled which is only an hour away from the capital.


Split, Croatia

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If you are looking for a warmer destination near the sea, then don’t look further than Split. The city is a well-known summer destination, and it can get quite touristy in the high season, however, spring remains one of the best times to visit Split. The weather is pleasant enough and you can make your short stay as budget-friendly as you wish.

The city offers free admission to some museums and a variety of discounts for restaurants, theatres, and excursions available for students. The main city’s landmark, the Diocletian Palace, is free of charge to visit and the best free view of the city is just a quick hike away.


Bucharest, Romania

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A lot of people seem to overlook the Romanian capital and head straight to the more rural areas such as the Transylvania region. While the Romanian countryside is definitely a wonderful destination to explore, the capital can be a great city break destination for any architecture or nightlife lover.

The majority of buildings in the city center have been built in Parisian-style architecture, so you can expect to find wide boulevards, a very similar Arc de Triumph, and a plethora of small cafes. On top of that, Bucharest does not shy away from a wild night out, you can find a lively atmosphere and bars, clubs playing loud music even on Monday evenings.


Sarajevo, Bosnia

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Bosnia’s capital is one of those truly cheap destinations in Europe that will surprise you in the best way possible. The charming old town showcases the city’s cultural diversity and grand history.

Here you can find ancient churches, mosques, wander around cobblestone streets, and choose from a variety of traditional coffee houses and restaurants that will not disappoint. Plus, the old town and surrounding areas of Sarajevo are rather small which makes it is easy to walk around.


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