5 Ways To Have A Productive, Yet Enjoyable Summer

It is possible to have a summer break during which we enjoy the sunny weather, spending time with friends and family and traveling here and there, but at the same time keep an active and energetic attitude that makes us productive while having fun during our favourite holiday season. Here are 5 effective and doable tips to help you have both a productive and enjoyable summer, one that you will never forget.

  • Volunteer in a new country 

Volunteering is a great activity to do in the summer season because it combines both fun and responsibility. It has been proven that when you volunteer, you boost your personal and professional growth and enrich your spirit. Volunteering is also good for society. It helps us meet the needs of people from all walks of life and even change their lives by contributing to the development and welfare of communities. In Canada for instance, It is estimated that 44% of Canadians participate in volunteering activities and charity events, and therefore help build their society and ensure a longer and healthier life. Additionally, volunteering abroad helps us establish strong relationships and gives us a true sense of purpose.

  • Unleash the artist in you

Whether it is singing, acting, dancing or painting, art is always a rewarding and enjoyable option. Even if you have no prior experience or knowledge of any art, it is never late to learn something new, especially if you have had a passion for it. During the summer, there are many art classes, notably in big cities. But you can also discover your artistic potential form your own home. Grab a white canvas and immerse yourself in the world of painting, you might end up with something as precious as the Mona Lisa, you never know. Or take that tango class you’ve also wanted to take, because if you don’t dance when it’s warm and sunny, when will you? Or you can also explore a music instrument you have always wanted to play. Learning a new skill is an asset that will certainly always be of great value.

  • Attend conferences and workshops

Luckily for you, there are conferences, trainings and summer programs for almost any topic you might be interested in. From environmental studies, to fashion design, from animals’ rights to genetic engineering, there is always one for you out there. In these events you have a great chance to meet experts and influencers face to face, share the energy of like-minded individuals and have a greater focus. Today’s technology and social media sites make it easy and simple for us to have access to information about potential events and programs that might change our lives for the better. So make sure to use Google not just to know the weather and read about celebrity disputes. Technology can be much more rewarding if you look for the right thing and make the most out of it.

Link to education and career opportunities on Youth Time Magazine.

  • Work in a festival 

The summer holidays are known for the many festivals and events that attract thousands of visitors and music fans. Wherever you are, find a local festival and explore the opportunities of working part time or half time to help the organizers arrange the festival and make it come to life. This will not only be beneficial for you financially, but it will also train you to become a good communicator, to be self-disciplined and work effectively under pressure. It will also equip you with a broad network of contacts and friendships that can be a priceless asset for your personal and professional life and for your future endeavours. Plus, festivals are the birthplace of fun and entertainment! 

  • A social entrepreneur? Why not? 

Even if it’s just for the summer, entrepreneurship life is an exciting and rewarding one. Whether you hep local children learn a language or sell second hand clothes and accessories in a street market, you will get to enjoy the entrepreneurship spirit, the interactions with different kinds of people, the positive impact you have on your community as well as a financial reward that can help you sustain your small project and get ready for the new school and/or work year. Entrepreneurship also enables you to pursue your passion, reinvent the world around you and be your own boss!

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