5 Movies About Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are fascinating, disturbing, and maddening. The well known characters and events in history often give rise to one or more possible hypotheses, all of which have the ring of truth. Sit back and let us take you into the provocative world of conspiracy through today´s movie selections.

Conspiracy Theory 

What is fact and what is mystification – that will be the question that runs through this whole movie. Jerry (Mel Gibson) is a taxi driver, a slightly weird character who tells his customers about conspiracies which they are part of. A lawyer, Alice (Julia Roberts), is one of his passengers, and he is secretly in love with her. He finally persuades Alice that he is part of a bizarre experiment with human brains, and that he has escaped the psychiatric assylum where he was previously locked up by doctor Jonas.


How many versions of the Kennedy assassination have appeared in the press? New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) doesn´t quite believe the official story and wants to prove that there wasn´t just one individual who was responsible for the murder but  rather a conspiracy in right-wing circles.

The Net

Sandra Bullock in the role of Angela Bennett – a young woman, and a specialist in computers, which also are her big passion. What began as a harmless love affair with Jack Devlin in Mexico, where she went on holiday, seems to have a bigger impact on her life than she would have been able to imagine. She saw things which she should not have, and now she has to run for her life.

Arlington Road

Jeff Bridges as university professor Michael Faraday and Tim Robbins as his new neighbour, Oliver, become friends until Jeff starts paying attention to some inaccuracies in Tim´s story. Some quick research brings him more information than he expected. How well can you know your neighbour?

The Pelican Brief 

Once again Julia Roberts stars, this time with Denzel Washington, playing a young woman who courageously writes about two assassinations of Supreme Court judges and the instigators, who come from the highest echelons in the political sector. She contacts Grayem Granthan – a top journalist – to navigate dangerous waters.

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