5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Beautiful & Eco-Friendly Interior Ideas

I have a thing for interior designs that scream coziness, as well as minimalism at the same time. Here are a few accounts to follow, if you feel the same and want to get inspired.

Ever since I have become a plant lover I felt like you can pretty much make any space look beautiful and cozy just by adding a few leafy plants to it. At least this was the case for the space I am renting, which used to look pretty lifeless before I invested an entire paycheck into buying the plants I have now — do not do the same, buy plants gradually if you have more self-control than I do.

But it’s not only the plants that make a living space feel warm. It’s also the sort of materials you use for your cushions, table, and shelves and it’s also the sort of colors you decide to use for all these things. You can get the best feeling also by knowing that you’re using materials that are not harming any animals, and which are entirely natural.

I followed the following accounts which I am about to share with you for inspiration, related to the designing of my own personal space. Check them out and see if you can find something that suits you.


Nao in the studio

I turn to Nao every time when my apartment is a complete mess, and I am in need of views that are so eye-pleasing with everything tidy, in warm colors. Nao is a YouTuber, who shares the most amazing videos of her crib & daily routine. She makes you want to go and buy all the vintage furniture that there is.


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A post shared by nao (@nao_in_the_studio)


Hippie tribe

Well, the name of the account is pretty revealing. If you’re into greenery, pretty gardens, balconies with cozy pillows, and bohemian furniture then definitely check this account out. I was stunned to see the simple yet beautiful color combos used in their pictures.


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A post shared by Hippie Tribe 🌸 (@hippie.tribe)




Palim Tintin

This lovely account, managed by Kristina, is absolutely breathtaking. Her ideas on plant shelves, the curtains she uses to decorate her space, and the very refined choice of pictures pretty much amaze me and have inspired me to go ahead and start improvising similar corners in my own apartment.


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A post shared by Kristina🌻 (@palim_tintin)



Interior Yes Plz

If you’re a morning person like me you know that for us the kitchen is holy. We pour our early morning coffee there, and we like to gaze at our dishes being in order, all while having the perfect vintage pieces decorating our kitchen shelves. This account has exactly what you’re looking for, and it often posts vintage kitchens that make your jaw drop. Check it out and see for yourself.




This account is suitable for persons who are obsessed with tidiness, homogeneous and nude colors, where all nuances look alike and similar to perfection. I have to admit, to me, this level of minimalism is a bit too much, as I would surely like to add as many plants as possible in these pictures, but hey, you can’t deny that this view is genuinely eye-pleasing.


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A post shared by Bauwerk Colour (@bauwerkcolour)



Photo: Followtheflow/Shutterstock


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