10 Virtual Halloween Parties, Celebrations & Tours

The tradition of dressing up and giving out candy for Halloween has roots in ancient traditions and religions. However, today’s ‘trick-or-treat’ events and decorating your home in all things spooky was popularized in America. More recently, other countries around the world have joined in to celebrate this fun holiday. While many traditions revolve around entertaining children, adults enjoy dressing up and partying on October 31st as well. This year, Halloween may be scarier than ever because most of us will be enjoying it from home. Do you dare to chill in your dark bedroom alone while you virtually tour a haunted house?

Halloween is a great celebration where you can dress up, eat candy and have some fun. Whether you like to dance, relax, learn something new or simply listen to some music with loved ones, there is a virtual event available to pique your interest. Pick from these free, donation-based and other affordable events to enjoy from the comforts of your home.

Horrorween Streamed from Dracula’s Castle – FREE

Dracula would be rolling over in his casket if he knew what elrow and Desperados are planning to do from his chambers. There will be famous DJs, spooky decor, party zombies, dancefloor monsters and more in the castle that inspired the story. Bran Castle in Romanian is often cited as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897). It lies 25km (16miles) from the town of Brașov and is beautifully creepy!

The Horroween session will take place live on elrow’s Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels on Saturday, 31 October 2020 from 6pm CET. While the main event will be livestreamed, it will be possible to re-watch later on elrow and Desperados’ social media channels. In the past, visitors have come on Halloween to do crazy things like pay to stay in a coffin overnight! This year, we can all enjoy the spirit of Transylvania from the comforts of our (hopefully) coffin-free homes.


Virtual Tour of American Horror Story House S1 – $25

The American Horror Story TV series was a hit from the very start. Season 1 was one of the best-rated and it made horror fans all over the world tremble in their seats. This Halloween, we can all remember our favorite and spookiest scenes during the $25 virtual tour of the original house. The current occupants, actress Angela Oakenford and her husband Dr. Ernst von Schwarz bought the home in 2015. This house has been featured in other movies and TV shows other than American Horror Story due to its unique beauty.

It was built in 1908 by L.A. architect Alfred Rosenheim and has been bought and sold throughout the years. Its most long-term residents were said to be Catholic nuns, who lived in the house as a convent for decades. The virtual event will welcome special guests such as exorcist Bishop James Long, psychic and white witch Patti Negri, vampire expert Michelle Belanger, historian and Halloween expert Lisa Morton, psychiatrist Dr. Waguih Ishak and more. The event will begin at dusk on Thursday, Oct. 29, and will continue until sunset on Sunday, Nov. 1.


Dance of the Nations – Halloween Party on Zoom – FREE

Gathering of Nations is a large-scale annual event that takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Gathering of Nations Powwow is the largest in North America. This year, there is a new opportunity available to connect virtually and see unique performances as well as dances. There will be a virtual Halloween dance party and costume contest. Best of all, this event is completely free. Sign up here and tune in on Saturday, October 31st at 19:00 Mountain Time.


Rocky Horror Picture Show Virtual Fundraiser – Suggested Donation of $31

Going to a Rocky Horror Picture Show is a common Halloween-time event. It is a 1975 musical comedy film by 20th Century Fox, produced by Lou Adler and Michael White and directed by Jim Sharman. The production is a parody tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the 1930s through to the early 1960s. The story is about a young couple who experience car troubles and go to a nearby castle for help. The owner turns out to be a mad scientist who actually is an alien transvestite. Today, Rocky Horror Picture Show has a cult following.

The film developed this cult following in 1976 at the Waverly Theatre in New York, which developed into a standardised ritual. It became the norm for the audience to yell out lines during the showings, live or otherwise. In honor of both Halloween and the upcoming US presidential election on November 3rd, Tim Curry and the Wisconsin Democrats will be hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show virtual fundraiser on Saturday, October 31st at 10:00 p.m. ET. Original actors Barry Bostwick and Nell Campbell, as well as several others will participate in the livestream. Donations are required and the recommended amount is $31.


ShudderFest – Star-Studded Panels & Presentations – FREE

Shudder is the only premium streaming service for both casual and super fans of thrillers, suspense and horror. It allows you not only to watch the best movies and shows but also discuss them with fellow fans. This year, as a special treat, they are hosting ShudderFest – a free, day-long, global celebration of Halloween! This event will include a panel and presentations of some awesome people as well as a secret screening of a future Shudder Original for members-only.

Highlights of the event include a virtual hang with “horror royalty” including genre luminaries Tony Todd (Candyman), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and others; a conversation between the stars and creators of 2020’s Zoom-horror Host and the makers of 1999’s found footage masterpiece, The Blair Witch Project; a panel of musicians who love Horror, including Bright Light Bright Light and Starcrawler’s Arrow De Wilde; Scary Story Time with Scare Me’s Josh Ruben and friends; a special recording of The Kingcast podcast with Creepshow showrunner Greg Nicotero; and a one-time secret screening of a future Shudder Original film that won’t be available until 2021.


Virtual Halloween Party on Zoom – $10

DJ Jerry Geraldo is world-famous for his parties. This time, he is going live online on Zoom for what may be the biggest party of them all, because everyone can join. Bring your own drinks, dress up in fun outfits or costumes and show off your moves to the great music. DJ Jerry Geraldo will be playing the greatest hits of Dance Club, House and Top 40 Dance-Pop. Tickets cost just $10 and once you pay, you’ll get an email with your Zoom link invite.


Halloween Craft-Tacular! – Free

From Brush to Heart is offering a fun and unique event for Halloween fans who prefer crafting scissors to craft cocktails. This October they have three free events where you can learn to craft something spooky! Halloween Craft-tacular will take place on October 28th, 29th, and 31st! While admission is free, you are encouraged to sign up here to reserve your spot, as they are limited. Also, consider donating to From Bush to Heart.

From Brush to Heart is a registered nonprofit that donates art kits to hospitals, shelters, and more. Their art kits are either homemade gifts that contain an original piece of art and craft materials, or a monetary gift given to those in need. They donate up to 60 art kits to up to 1-2 organizations every month! They use donations to buy art supplies and organize community events.


HighBall Halloween: Costume Couture Fashion Show – $5 – $25

HighBall Halloween began as a one-night event centered around our signature Costume Couture Fashion Show, where teams of local designers compete for the top spot and a cash prize. HighBall Halloween not only showcases stunning performances along with the very best in local and regional fashion and design talent, but it also helps to support the work of the Short North Alliance, a non-profit organization serving the property owners, business, and residents of the Short North Arts District. Support the cause and enjoy a night of fashion by buying tickets today. Access to the event will begin at 12:00 on Saturday, October 31st.


It’s a WMSE Monster Mash! – FREE

Tune in on Halloween for some of the spookiest programming imaginable. Rolling from midnight on October 31st until midnight November 1st, this regularly-scheduled program has been taken over by ghouls and goblins. For example, Saturday Morning Car Tunes has become Saturday Morning Creepy Car Tunes! Each show will highlight Halloween in the best way possible…screams…chills….and extra scary tunes.

WMSE is very excited to announce they will broadcast the original War of The Worlds featuring Orson Wells at 5:30 p.m. Station manager and DJ Tom Crawford will bring “The Saturday Night Scream” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Learn more about the event and how to tune in on their Facebook page. This event is not only unique but it is also free!


David Parr’s The Sorcerer’s Lair: Magic & More: Donations Encouraged

David Parr is an internationally-acclaimed magician who has devoted his life to sharing the experience of mystery with audiences around the world. This Halloween, David Parr is offering a unique experience for people to tune in and enjoy his favorite illusions, past and present. This event is a “pay what you can” show — you can decide how much or little to pay! You can sign up for this magical and memorable livestream Halloween event here!

Title Photo: NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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