#YTGLOBAL Expert Roger Antochi: The Forum is a Fantastic Opportunity, Don’t Waste It!

This year the Youth Global Forum will celebrate its fifth year anniversary in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Under the theme of ‘’Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development: Where is the future?’’, Roger Antochi will give a presentation on ‘New Employment Opportunities in a Digital Future’’. His community work has been recognised by Sir Richard Branson and Roger was one of 30 people – recognised as the 30 most inspirational Australians – chosen to be painted by famous portrait artist Vincent Fantauzzo. We sat down briefly with Roger to get his thoughts on the upcoming Youth Global Forum and to also some advice for the participants ahead of their arrival.

Roger, we are looking forward to you joining us in Amsterdam at the upcoming fifth annual Youth Global Forum. Your experience with connecting youth to employment opportunities in the technology sector is outstanding, can you give us a short introduction about yourself and what led you to working so closely with youth across your professional career?

Firstly I just want to give thanks to Youth Time for allowing me to become a part of the Youth Time family and contributing to what will hopefully be another successful Youth Global Forum in Amsterdam later this year.

I have first-hand experience in knowing what it’s like to be young, vulnerable and un-supported so I have dedicated my life to ensuring I can assist young people who are in that exact same position today.

I’m a qualified Alcohol and Other Drugs / Mental Health Care Worker/ Youth Worker and Community Welfare & Development Worker, with over 14 years of experience working within the community sector.

Now I am currently the General Manager of a Foundation called Talent RISE that sits inside an innovative and highly-successful global IT, Tech & Digital recruitment services specialist business called Talent International, the Talent RISE foundation aims to support and inspire Young People across the world about the potential career opportunities within the Technology industry.

What interests you about the Youth Global Forum and how do you think it will benefit global youth?

Events like the Youth Global Forum can only benefit the young people that attend it. It’s a unique opportunity for young professionals, outside of both the classroom and the workplace, to meet like-minded people who share the same passion and enthusiasm that they possess themselves.

It’s also a great opportunity for the experts like myself to meet these young people, listen to them and understand them to make sure that we are always in touch with these young leaders because the first step to assisting and helping youth is to listen to them.

Without giving too much away, what can participants expect from your presentation?

I’m in a unique position where I am able to work with both the youth wanting to gain employment in the technology sector and the businesses and companies that can provide those opportunities to them.

The technology sector has a multitude of different spheres and sectors with the skills required to work in this sector changing almost on a daily basis, so in my presentation I’ll hopefully be able to give you an insight into some of those changes and prepare you for what’s ahead.

Is there any advice you would give to the people that will be attending the Youth Global Forum and your session in particular?

This a fantastic opportunity for everyone that will attend, so the only thing I will say is DON’T WASTE IT!

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