Words From Movies That Made It To The Dictionary – Quiz

There are words that have been adopted by the dictionary while their origins are closely linked to movies, some of which were based on books. Today‘s quiz will be dedicated to words describing movies which you shall find  at the same place on Friday as our usual weekend movie picks.

The situation when one must choose between two unbearable options. The word got popularized initially through the novel on which the movie is based.

A term describing a sexually attractive woman and comes from the early 30s of the last century. It became a dictionary word and while it was used by generations quite commonly,  it today sounds little from the bygone era and is slowly becoming archaic.

This word was used as a name in the famous and controversial book which later was also filmed as a movie with Jeremy Irons in one of the title roles. The word we are looking for refers  to an under aged girl who likes to provoke or / and tries to seduce older men.

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