Finding Inspiration In Your Surroundings

Imagine…you were given an assignment with a few days to complete and you hit a wall! You ran out of ideas, your brain is drained. You don’t know where to start, your mind is getting distracted very fast and you can’t seem to focus on the task. Your boss or teacher certainly won’t be pleased with that. You are in desperate need of inspiration.

Countless people, these days, look for inspiration whether it is for work, school, or just as simple as finding that stimulus and passion to set them to their rightful track of life and give it meaning. Some travel, wander the globe seeking that, without actually knowing that we are surrounded by many inspirational sources right where we are. Yes, you are right. It even exists in your own backyard. We are so near to the birthplaces of great ideas, yet so far from comprehending them and we merely need the right jolt to open our eyes and minds wide enough to grasp them.

In order to find inspiration, we firstly need to understand what it truly is. Inspiration comes from “in spirit”, which actually means that you are in sync with your inner being. Harmonization in your state of mind, body and soul. You will be drawn to your source of inspiration, hypnotized by it, setting a vision before you which will lit your soul with desire to achieve it.

You will definitely be aware if you get inspired as life will feel effortless. You will have the urge to start right now. You feel it within your mind, your very soul and even bones. So, how to find this source of inspiration from your environment? The answer lies in a few simple facts:

GREATEST INSPIRATION : Nature (The World around us)

There is nothing more inspirational in life other than the world we live in. Take a moment and look outside the window, or better, go outside in the nature. Extend your senses to whirl with the world in a symphonic harmony. Open your eyes and really see, that there is no painter that is capable of creating such magnificent assortment of color and no photographer that can really capture nature the way eyes can behold. Go out, sit under a tree and wonder. That was how gravity was discovered by Newton. Listen carefully to what the nature is trying to say because it has important things to reveal and you might miss it.

Break the routine?

How many times have you passed through the same road, the same parked cars, and the same houses in a week? You may think routines inhibits inspiration, like when you feel that you are living a boring life where nothing changes and days goes by like its prior…THINK AGAIN! It is normal for the mind to conceive it as a routine considering the familiarity with the surrounding, but all you have to do is to pay attention. Now walk back through that same road again, see how a mother is attending to her child, that kid playing with their dog or how the leaves on the trees started falling as season changes. The key is exploring and perspective which draw our attention to what we may consider mundane and repetitive. Everything occurring around us is of great importance that we tend to neglect. One of the greatest discoveries is the Golden Ratio. A discovery that points out to a number that is reoccurring in all corners of life that was at first ignored. So pay attention.

Stay connected

Some may think that technology isn’t really a source of inspiration. In the contrary, it is one of the greatest in our times. However, how we use it, defines its importance. It is quite important to connect to inspirational people locally and internationally, learn from them and their experiences. You can watch videos, listen to music, read books that could eventually change your life. All of which can be done through technology nowadays from our own house.


One of the greatest tools of our human mind is the capability to think and imagine. Sometimes all you have to do is to take some time out and wander in your own thoughts. Combine all previously mentioned factors and imagine. Visualize the nature that is surrounding you, your neighborhood, school, music, videos, road you passed though on the way back home. Look for your interest among those.

Once you find your inspiration, you will have to be willing to employ the time and effort to accomplish it. One more thing rather to be bore in mind is NOT TO GIVE UP!

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