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This week, we have for you one very good movie and two excellent mini series as our recommendation for your TV watching.

Jungle 2 Jungle
The year of creation is 1997 when humour compared with the Hollywood funny movies that are made nowadays was unlike the swearing, vomiting and preaching we see in the films that have been made over the last couple of years. Despite coming from Walt Disney productions the film has great appeal for both, grown ups and children.The timing of the jokes is way above par. Especially during the first part of the film you’re sure to get several laughs in this movie which is thematically set in two contrasting worlds. In many films, jokes are often repeated and become embarrassing. Not in this one. Comedy scenes that are repeated in some form or the other in this movie have the exact opposite effect of getting a bigger laugh out of you. Tim Allen as done a pretty good job.

Gentleman Jack
Set in 19th century England and at a time when DNA difference related to gays was unknown, the subject of lesbianism was taboo and gay men were deemed to have committed a serious crime, this mini series is based on the coded diaries of Anne Lister that were later deciphered has both humour and drama. Quite engrossing and absolutely worth watching.

Based on the man made calamity caused at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant the mini series deals with the emergencies and the devastation while keeping in touch with the human drama and the tragedy. The cowardice of some and the bravery of the others. Keeps you riveted to your seat one episode after another.

Photo: IMDB

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