Unusual Profession – Make-up Artist

You don’t hear about make-up artists every day, yet it is an obvious job, given the number of movies produced and fashion or other events organized every year. Although it might seem to be a fun job and something that you would actually enjoy doing, it takes knowledge and important practical skills to achieve top ranking in the field. Let's look at these.


– Excellent technical skills
– Communication skills
– Up-to-date competence with current trends and technology
– An ability to read a movie script critically to understand the required look, also an awareness of the camera‘s effect on the final work
– Time management skills
– An ability to work under the pressure
– If working in the movie or fashion industries, a willingness to travel and relocate frequently
– Also being dependably consistent with your own portfolio, and understanding the fashion period of the assignment


As mentioned above, formal qualifications are not essencial, but practical skills are. There are many available courses too.

There is, however, no harm in checking out the degrees or certifications offered by universities or the availabilty of NVQ (National Vocational Qualification), such as hairdressing, beauty therapy, media make-up, and special effects.

…and sometimes creates completely different person 🙂 / www.wikiwand.com

Expected salary:

Make-up hair assistants and designers usually charge 25 -30 USD per hour within the middle range of the movie industry.

Also you can quote different rates for different jobs. Experience will make a difference.

Depends where do you want to reach / www.pinterest.com

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