University Cities In South East Of Norway

We have been covering the public universities in Europe and continue with our series on Norway. For foreign students Norway is one of the most attractive destinations on account of almost free education and a logical and practical policy towards welcoming the young who are skilled and educated to settle in the country. Foreign students fit in quite easily among the diverse ethnicities living in this nation of friendly inhabitants.

It’s also imperative to mention that Norway is rated as the most livable country in the world according to the Human Development Index.

In this article we’ll cover the University of South Eastern Norway. This university is spread across several cities and towns and is the youngest university in the country. Since it covers the cities and towns of Drammen, Vestfold, Kongsberg, Ringerike, Bo, Notodden, Porsgrunn and Rauland, they have campuses in each of these cities, towns and villages.

Quite importantly as well, the university is very well staffed and the ratio of staff to students is 1 : 11.

One University In Many Towns

Considering that the university is so vastly spread, let us give you a brief introduction to each of the cities and towns:

Given that there are essentially no ‘rural’ areas Drammen is a modern city with modern comforts with a port and a river. The city and the surrounding areas have a population of a little over 100,000.

Has a population of a little under 240,000 and is on the coast of Oslofjord.
Kongsberg: Museums and nature parks are an important part of Norway. Kongsberg is among the towns known for these. The population is just 26,000 but believe you me, it has grown a lot over the last couple of decades from 15,000.

Another beautiful town with a population of approximately 30,000.

This is a lovely village with a population of just under 6000.

A small and a pretty city with a population of a little over 12,000. For some reason unknown to me this is one of the few towns and cities where the population has been declining.

Population approximately 35,000. An attractive city with river views and a coast.

This is a beautiful mountain village with about 1,500 inhabitants.

Cost of Living

As previously mentioned, Norway is a quite an expensive country and in my opinion you must budget for around 1100 $ towards your monthly expenses while the education is virtually free. Do visit the website of the University of South Eastern Norway and identify the courses most suited to you.

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