University Cities in Hungary

In our last article we covered the public universities in Budapest. Here we have a look at the public universities in the rest of Hungary that are popular with international students.

Going off the point a little, nonetheless of interest is, studying abroad has contributed towards international integration to quite an extent. Little would have Sofia Corradi, also known as Mamma Erasmus, who was the originator of the idea or Erasmus, thought that the programme would help add to the much needed young population in Europe. Estimately, about a million babies have been born through cohabitation of the Erasmus exchange students. Some even go on to say that about 3 million babies have been born in the developed world only on account of international and local students getting together over the last three decades.

Universities in Hungary

Back to Hungary the universities that have made a mark on international students aside from those in Budapest are primarily six.

University of Pecs
The earliest mention of the town of Pecs goes back to the 11th century. The city is well connected to the rest of Hungary including Budapest. One of the major landmarks in the city square is the Ghazi Kassim Pasha Mosque which is now a Roman Catholic church.
Considered to be one of the best universities in Hungary, the University of Pecs offers courses in various disciplines, including medical courses, engineering, arts and sciences.
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University of Debrecen
Another one of Hungary’s more beautiful cities, Debrecen stands out for the Great Forest Park, it’s museums and the Centre of Contemporary and Modern Arts. This city too, is well connected to the rest of Hungary. The University of Debrecen is one of the more sought after educational institutions.

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University of Szeged
Considered by many to be the best university in Hungary, it is the university itself that has helped make Szeget one of the most important cities in Hungary.

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University of Pannonia
It was the Huns who settled in this city after the Celtics and the Romans which is what gave Hungary its name.
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University of Miskolc
Also among the top universities in Hungary this university too has a fairly large percentage of international students. Miskolc is best known for its university and the thermal cave baths. The region which is not exactly crawling with tourists has a peaceful atmosphere and there are literally hundreds of caves to be explored.

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Szechenyi Istvan University
Best known for its technical education this university has a tie-up with the car manufacturer Audi. Even though most cities in Europe are built close to rivers, Gyor where the university is situated is known as the city of rivers.

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Cost of Living

As a footnote it is worth mentioning that your expenses will be just marginally lower than what you would spend in Budapest and this would be on account of accommodations only.

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