University Cities – Gdansk, Poland

Last week we covered Warsaw in our article on university cities. Gdansk in Poland attracts its share of international students, as well.

The city centre of Gdansk has been fully restored to its original beauty just the way it was before WWII. Of special interest to tourists is what is often known as the Royal Route which is a pedestrian route having imposing and decorated gates on both sides. Most of the major tourist attractions of the city of Gdansk are situated along this route.

When viewed from the river Motlava the city does look impressive.

Long Market in Gdansk

Foreign students along with their local peers often meet at the bars at the Long Market while they mingle with the tourists. There are any number of shops that sell Amber Jewellery. Amber actually gets washed ashore from the Baltic sea to the many beaches of Gdansk which is the centre of Amber trade of the world.

Although Gdansk, the same as many Polish university cites is most popular with students from the neighbouring countries, of special interest is the fact that since 2010 the country has been gaining in popularity and attracting students from across the globe and the number of foreigners living in Poland has increased during the last nine years from a mere 50,000 plus to more than 300,000 now.

It is always the people who make a country and the people in Poland are quite open minded, friendly enough and you shouldn’t generally have any difficulty making friends and acquaintances. The universities are especially welcoming of foreigners.

Travel by public transport is by bus, tram and water tram and is quite affordable. A fair number of foreign students also prefer to have their own bicycles to get around.

University of Gdansk

As usual we would suggest you check out the website of the University of Gdansk which is well ranked and is considered among the 1000 best universities in the world.
Official website

Cost of Living

The same as Warsaw the recommended budget for foreign students would be between 750 to 850 $ per month inclusive of shared accommodation in addition to the tuition fees of between 3000 to 4000 Euros per year if you wish to study in English.

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