Top 5 People To Follow On LinkedIn Regardless Of Your Career

LinkedIn has claimed its place as the networking-savvy parent of all social media platforms not due to its over 364 million users, but to its usefulness. There are many people worth following on LinkedIn, but we somehow end up checking the profiles of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett and we forget that following experts is actually a fail proof choice. Here are five people who will surely steer you in the right direction, according to Lifehack.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk –Senior Consultant at Allied Talent

Dr. Gottschalk is an industrial and organisational psychologist who specializes in workplace success strategies and organisational change. She is a quoted expert on topics including career development, salary negotiations and mentoring who appears in media outlets worldwide.

Dr. Gottschalk is a LinkedIn Influencer and constantly posts article which help both employees and companies.

Dr. Gottschalk, a LinkedIn Influencer
Dr. Gottschalk, a LinkedIn Influencer

Nozomi Morgan – International Executive Coach and Speaker

According to Ms Morgan’s website, she helps “smart, savvy, high-achieving professionals [to] build confidence and bring out their inner leader, so they can elevate their careers, become better leaders, and improve their performance at work.”

This LinkedIn Influencer can help people become leaders and live the lives they want.

LinkedIn Influencer
LinkedIn Influencer

Carson Tate –Founder of Working Simply

Ms Tate is a coach, business consultant and professional organizer who built and sold her first company before she was 35. She has worked with some of the largest brands in the world –helping them earn serious money in additional revenue by developing efficient, highly-productive individuals and teams.

This LinkedIn Influencer promises to help people learn proven productivity strategies and techniques which actually work. Her book Work Simply teaches people to identify their own productivity style, when to choose face-to-face conversations over e-mails and what it takes to lead the perfect meeting.

Carson Tate's LinkedIn
Carson Tate

Jeff Bullas –CEO at com

This digital marketing expert’s blog has more than four million readers per year, so one cannot deny that his pieces of advice are efficient and in demand. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr Bullas works “with companies and executives to optimize their online personal and company brand through social media channels and other web technologies.”

His blog is about all things to do with digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.

Dan Schawbel –Managing partner of Millennial Branding

If you are a millennial, Mr Schawbel is the person to help you craft your personal brand. Millennial Branding is a Gen Y consulting firm which has helped companies such as Deutsche Bank, American Express and oracle better understand the millennial generation.

Mr Schawbel entered the workforce at the age of 13 and graduated college with eight internships in total. He is an entrepreneur worth following on LinkedIn.

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