Top 5 Cool Tech Inventions on Indiegogo

From Smartbed to universal tracker and tablet with independent OS. We collected  the top 5 picks of cool tech inventions presented on Indiegogo.

iTraq: The Cellular Tracking Device

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The innovative iTraq is the world’s first global location device that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its location using cellular towers allowing it to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists. This allows you to attach iTraq to a bicycle or boat, place it in the pocket of your child, or even attach it to your baggage, and still be detected even if your baggage travelled to another country or continent. The location information is displayed on your mobile phone or on the website.

SONICable: The World’s Most Advanced Charging Cable

The Sonicable is said to be able to charge any device twice as fast through a computer’s USB port than they would with regular charging cables. A switch on the cable makes it possible to select either regular mode or “Sonic” mode. In regular mode, the cable will both charge the user’s mobile device and sync data from a computer. Switched to Sonic mode, the cable will direct all resources to charging the user’s device, thereby doubling the speed.


 Luna: Turn Your Bed into a Smartbed

Luna is the world’s first mattress cover that makes any bed smart. Slip it onto your mattress and watch as your regular bed turns into a smart bed that can intelligently manage the temperature of your bed, track your sleep, and integrate with your smart home. Luna learns your regular bedtime and sets your bed to a comfortable temperature to help you fall asleep faster. Its built-in smart alarm wakes you at the right moment of light sleep and its sensing technology identifies the correct moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up at your highest energy level.

Geek Audio: A Crowdsourced High-Rez Sound System

Pulse Headphone Amplifier is built using a 100% solid state topology. It features a fully balanced, dual mono design that rejects noise and wraps the listener in a precise musical presentation. The amplifier is built with dual tubes in the voltage amplification stage, with a constant current source to make it more linear. It won’t attenuate your music in the first buffer stage of headphone amp like other devices, as it works directly with its analog volume control circuit.

Jolla Tablet: World’s First Crowdsourced Tablet

The Jolla Tablet was designed to have an independent OS called Sailfish and the company’s policy promises to never sell or share data with anyone. There are no back doors or anything third parties could use for monitoring the user’s activity. At 32/64GB, the Jolla tablet will have the space and hardware potential to be customized, and if you happen run out, there’s always the option to expand with a micro-SD memory card.


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