Time Doesn’t Exist – Time Challenges In Movies

The concept of time creates ample opportunities for exploring, and traveling in time is not the only possibility that it offers. Time can also be traded, stolen, or used instead of money...This weekend, time will be playing a major role in our usual movie picks.

In Time 

Time means an alpha and omega in the film In Time. People have measured time and have limited ways to get more. Time is earned at work, inherited, and of course stolen.


After breaking up with his girlfriend, aspiring artist Ben develops insomnia. As a temporary solution, he takes night shift work in a supermarket. To escape boredom, Ben observes the customers. In his imagination – and eventually in real life – he is able to stop time and then move within the frozen scenes, unleashing his artistic imagination.

Somewhere in Time 

After a premier, writer Richard Collier is visited by an older lady who asks him to come back to her. After tracking who the lady was, he finds out she is an actor from the beginning of the century. By autohypnosis he travels back in time to meet her and falls in love with her, but time is not the only obstacle to their relationship.

Peggy Sue Got Married 

Peggy comes to her 25th high school reunion. Just about to get divorced, she is sickened by how life has gone for her, and at that moment she wakes up back in her seventeenth year. Equipped with knowledge of the future, she has wider opportunities to pick a future husband from among her peers.

Back to the Future 

Similar in tone to the movie Peggy Sue Got Married is the film Back to the Future. Marty McFly is a teenager who accidentally travels back in time, back to the year when his parents were teens, and helps them to determine their future. Followed by parts two and three.

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