TikTok: A Musician’s Best Place for Promotion?

The way of promoting your music is changing everyday, and right now social media is the way forward, with TikTok leading the charge.

Many artists in today’s social media world constantly wonder how to promote their musical projects and collaboration to grow their audience. 

The most important thing an artist can implement in their promotional efforts is a social media presence on popular websites to generate a wide pool of music listeners. 

Today, a popular app has catapulted within the social media world and changed the music business forever. This is the social media app TikTok.

 According to Diymusician.cdbaby.com, Tik Tok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the world, and music is what drives the rapidly growing app to its social media stardom. 

With over a billion active users, audiences share their favourite songs on TikTok through various creations such as lip sync videos and dance challenges. 

The app combines the elements of Instagram stories, and Snapchat to create a unique music promotion experience. 

With around a 15-60 seconds video timeframe, the app emphasises authenticity rather than perfection. Additionally, with a vertical display, participation is heavily encouraged on the app.

The videos are made simple to use by putting the music track of the user’s choice in the background of a funny skit, emotional moment, or how-to video. 

How has TikTok become a dominating force and how did it grow so rapidly? For music artists, here are three quick tips to grow their Tik Tok engagement for optimal music promotion.


The Music of TikTok

With a strong re-branding from the original lip-syncing video app Musical.ly created by the Chinese company Byte Dance, TikTok has become a prominent staple for modern pop music. 

The social media platform is a popular stage for artists such as Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Ambjay which helped them reach the global masses, making them some of the top selling artists in today’s music world. 

With half the users being between ages 16-24, artists must gravitate to the younger audiences through trendy and relevant content for certain music listeners following. 

According to RollingStone.com, Musical.ly was at a high peak in the US, only to be immersed with TikTok in later years. 

With greater resources and better targeting outreach efforts, TikTok is the place to access the latest trends and social media happenings. For musicians, the appeal does not stop at just being a trendy social media outlet. 

TikTok allows artists to promote, share and collaborate. With these strong implications, the social media app can be a great source of earning revenue for musicians. 

For example, an average individual can spend a day making 300 cookies for a catered birthday party and get paid 200 dollars, while a TikTok user can create a 15-second how-to video showing the process of making the delicious treats and earn an average of $1,000 per video! 

For some content creators, this is just a low amount in regards to their various video revenues. 


Inspiring People

To get started, artists must work on their distribution efforts. Music distribution sites such as TuneCore and Cdbaby can deliver an artist’s music to TikTok for a small and reasonable price. 

The songs will be available in the TikTok audio library where any user from around the world, could access the music for their videos thus higher traction to their music projects. 

The artist must choose strategically a proper place in the music track, such as the hook, to be used in the videos. 

Making Music: TikTok can be a great way to promote musicians

Remember, the objective is to inspire people to come up with crazy dances, lip sync videos, and more to push further the artist’s music. Three important steps for utilizing TikTok for artists are as follows: 


Follow Musicians

As a musician, the best way to learn more about TikTok is to follow other musicians on the platform. 

It is important that even if the artist does not admire the particular music genre or artist, a musician will be able to understand various ways of creating content. 

Artists such as The Jonas Brothers use their TikTok account to share their music and their unique life as a band. 


Have Fun!

The social media app is not about being polished. An honest fact is that artists who take themselves too seriously (lack of positivity and fun) may have a hard time creating content that reacts highly in the TikTok hemisphere. Be silly! 

Many music listeners on TikTok want to relate with the artists they are interested in. Keep it light. It is important that artists truly understand that TikTok thrives on community engagement.  



TikTok gives content creators such as musicians several ways to encourage potential music listeners through three different types of video formatting: Duet, Reactions/Responses, and Challenge/Contest videos. 

Duets and reactions are not just ways to interact with artist’s potential music followers, these video options also can be used to create content – collaborate – with other artists, therefore, reaching a wider pool of music listeners. 

With the social media app, artists do not need to create professional long-form music videos to promote their musical content. 

An artist can implement that time, energy, and budget on creating cool, new, and exciting ways to get their music seen/heard through the world of social media. 

So, If you are an artist wanting to promote your music in a fun and creative way, TikTok is the way to go!

TikTok is all about branding. Want to improve your music branding? Look no further than here:

The Best Tips to Develop Your Music Branding

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