The Surprising Differences Between Men And Women

From brains to biology, there are some surprising differences between men and women - here are the studies to prove it.

When a man goes quiet, he’s thinking and when a woman goes quiet, she’s being sullen. 

Not joking. It’s actually true at times. Men have a tendency to think over what’s bothering them and women have the need to talk when they are upset.

During this Covid crisis, many couples who have been locked up at home have had situations when each one thought they were the only sane person at home. Not surprising at all. Women and men are indeed different in many ways. They see and perceive things differently.


Spot The Difference

Here’s a look at some of the proven differences.

Let’s say things have been re-arranged in the fridge. A woman will instantly see what she’s looking for while a man will often struggle to find the ketchup he wanted. Move the man a metre or so away and he’ll be able to find his ketchup quite easily. So the theory goes.

Researchers have as a matter of fact tested this in a different way. They asked both women and men to mark the midpoint of lines on a piece of paper. Women were more accurate at a distance of 50cm and men at a distance of one metre.

Even colours are seen differently. Warmer colours such as orange appear redder to men. Similarly, a green will look greener to a woman. So the grass is not just greener on the other side but also from a woman’s eyes. It’s just biology. 

This study says: “There were relatively small but clear and significant, differences between males and females in the hue sensations elicited by almost the entire spectrum. 

“Generally, males require a slightly longer wavelength to experience the same hue as females.” 

The reason being, “Because cerebral cortex has a very large number of testosterone receptors, we examined the possible sex differences in colour appearance of monochromatic lights across the visible spectrum.”

Men are better at spotting quick changes when they see them from afar. When you’re driving, a man will be more likely to spot a traffic jam from a distance and quickly take a detour whereas a woman will presumably only add to the rush hour congestion. 

While we continue to talk about distances, a woman will spot someone crossing the road at a close distance more quickly. 

Which is perhaps why fewer women are involved in road accidents involving pedestrians and animals. An example: a deer that suddenly appears out of nowhere. Women are quicker to hit the brakes.

When it comes to peripheral vision, women are naturally more gifted. Their vision usually covers 180 degrees. Notice the next time, the white of the eyes are larger among women but a man’s eyes are good for tunnel vision due to which he sees more accurately what’s ahead of him over greater distances. 



Two of the most vital differences between women and men are that the brains of the two are quite distinctive. The connection between the two hemispheres of the brain in a woman is more heavy-duty compared with a man’s and thus a lot more information passes through.

The result is women far exceed the abilities of men in learning languages and are remarkably better at communication since they use both hemispheres. Even though multi-tasking is nor considered to be a good thing, women are more adept at it.

Men on the other hand are thought to be better at math, science and reasoning that is more structured. Another aspect of this is women recover faster from brain strokes. One more important factor is that the limbic system among women is much better developed. 

The consequence of this is women feel more, are able to relate with others more easily, feel greater empathy and when in a relationship find themselves more giving. 

The bottom line here is that despite the differences people are born to live together recognising the differences only helps form greater affinity, insight and warmth. 

So the next time you want to say “let’s agree to disagree” you may instead say “let’s disagree agreeably” and notice the difference.


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