The Six Best Music Capitals of the World

Every city has its culture and music plays a big part in this, but some bigger than others. Here are those top places to hear incredible sounds.

If music is practically your favourite food, ever wondered where the best places to travel where caters to fulfilling your musical obsession? Here are the top six places to fuel your musical taste buds! 



As Cuba continues to produce a vibrant artistic culture, it comes as no surprise that Havana, as a distinct and strong music pulse that runs throughout the large piazzas and cobbled stone starts. With heavy influence from abroad such as Spain and Africa, a percussive rumba rhythm becomes one with the hot summer nights. 

With this notion, venues such as La Casa De La Musica, El Gato Tuerto, and Salon 1930 Copay Segundo all give an authentic take on Latin American flavor. If you are a traveler seeking fun salsa lessons, vibrant bars along with classical Cuban cafes, the district of choice would be La Habana Vieja, Miramar, and Vedado as one won’t hold back from dancing the days away. 

Additionally, live music from the musical stylings of Paquito D’Rivera, Orishas, and X Alfonso give their unique tastes in genres such as Jazz, Be-Bop, Latin Rap, Hip-hop, and Rock. 



From the land of once puppet theaters and operettas, Tokyo has become a musical Mecca! As Tokyo’s current live music scene embodies future music sounds and innovative musical genres, the capital is filled with many venues that will take music travelers into a heightened music experience. 

Areas such as Koenji, Shimokitazawa, and Yoyogi, Are home to music hot spots that embody a hipster and indie atmosphere. 

Although concerts tend to start and finish early, Sounds of Punk, rock, jazz, and hip hop fill not only the bars and many music venues of the city, but can be heard in plenty of parks and arenas that hold live music events such as the Tokyo Dome and Budokan Hall!



Known as being one of Europe’s finest music capitals, Berlin is like no other! As Berlin exudes a high element of underground electronic music, electro clubs are known to be the go-to places for Superb techno experiences. 

According to, House and techno Reign supreme in the musical city. However, Other popular music experiences such as cool Lido, SO36, Feststaal Kreuzberg, and jazz cafes can be paired perfectly with crazy party nights to remember. 

Districts such as Friedrichshain, Mitte, and Kreuzberg will take music listeners on a musical ride as indie rock, punk, and even Northern Soul can be heard throughout the capital.

Local artists to watch out for are pop music act Me & My Drummer, crime goth act Crime and math rock act Ter Haar providing a wide range of music genres to enjoy! 



With an area filled with beach bars, live music venues, and open-air clubs, Ibiza is one of the hottest music cities in the world! Balearic legends such as Cafe Del Mar can be known for chill-out Atmospheres and ambient tunes. 

However, Ibiza is known for its high-energy clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia, and Space. 

These venues are for the serious music ravers! In the last few years, the music island has been immersing its music sounds toward non-dance-related music and festivals such as Ibiza Rocks which is perfect for the well-rounded music traveler. 

The summers of Ibiza present a massive increase of travellers and music listeners as DJs from around the world such as Pete Tong, Solomun, Rizzle Kicks and Sven Vath provide electrifying tunes all over the island! 



Memphis, Tennessee is the home of soul and Rock&Roll. The musical city has tremendously had a history of musical proportions. 

Accolades and recording artists, along with famous recording studios (Stax Records and Sun Records) have been largely responsible for catapulting careers of artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, and Wilson Pickett. 

However, Over the years The city has created a more Of contemporary music Scene with bands such as punk band “His Hero Gone”, rap legends “Three 6 Mafia” and rock act “Deep Shag”, all appearing in various venues throughout the city. 

Memphis is known for its live music nights. Places like Wild Bills, Minglewood Hall and Hi-Tone are well-known places for their wide range of jazz and indie music Vibes. 



Often considered the birthplace of many music scenes, London has managed to present an eclectic mix of traditional pubs along, large arenas, and clubs that cater to the sounds of music. 

Known for musical acts such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks, it can be easy to understand how London has become a legendary place for new bands looking to make a mark on the music industry. 

In areas such as Camden and Brixton, there is an amazing array of music venues that have gigs or concerts going on 24/7. Whether one’s taste is jazz, latin, or punk London is truly a Mecca in diverse music. 

So, whether it’s Memphis, Ibiza, or London, music is all around us! As music continues to bring people together, experiencing music paired with different cultures is just a plane ride away! Safe travels! 

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