The Podcast Movement: Are They Changing The Game?

Since 2014, the Podcast Movement have been working hard so young people can get their voice heard. We spoke to them to find out more.

 A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. 

Well…you could google this definition by yourself, and I am not engaged as a Youth Time freelance writer to bother you with such things.

Better, let’s hear what a podcast is, and not only, from Jared Easley, Head of Community & Content at the Podcast Movement – the world’s largest podcast movement, based in Tennessee, U.S.

The Podcast Movement began in 2014, when four podcasters and entrepreneurs had an idea. With a Kickstarter campaign and a positive attitude, they set out to create a vibrant event “for podcasters, by podcasters.” 

 In the years since, Podcast Movement has grown with the community’s support to become the ultimate annual destination for diverse speakers, education, networking, and groovy parties. 

The fantastic story only begins here. 

In this exclusive interview for Youth Time, Easley shares more on their work, introduces us to the Podcast Movement University, and also draws our attention to a scholarship from which youth can benefit from. features the latest news, resources, and tools for podcasters, and they produce conferences and trade shows in podcasting.


Podcasts Now and Then

At the beginning of our interview, Easley shares with us what are some changes and progresses they have witnessed since the beginning to this day in podcasting.

How much has changed about how people see podcasting and it becoming part of everyday life?

“One of the most exciting changes in podcasting since 2014 is the collaboration and opportunity for podcasters to learn from each other. This synergy did not exist or was much less common prior to the Podcast Movement,” he says.

Podcasting was less understood and still required explanations in 2014. 

“We do not see that as often now. Mainstream media, pop culture, and celebrities are embracing podcasting more than ever before. 

“One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is much more realistic for podcasting efforts to make money, which was more difficult in the past.”, he further shares his opinion. 

Are Podcasts Ready to Take Over Music?

Podcast Movement has grown from a once-a-year event, into a full media and education company. Achievements and challenges accompanied the organisation in this long, worthy path.

 On this note, Easley says that the biggest achievement that they have witnessed through Podcast Movement is not a single event or instance, but several small innovations and collaborations that have created new podcasts, new companies, new products, new software and new opportunities to generate revenue in the Industry. 

“It is exciting to see large organisations promoting their podcasts. It is amazing to see podcasts turn into movies or television shows that now stream on major apps and networks.”

“It is an outstanding time to be a part of the podcast industry,” he concludes. 


Podcast Movement University

Easley further elaborates the Podcast Movement University, which was initially intended to be an additional revenue stream for the company during the pandemic. 

“We realized early in the process that our community did not want or need another paid subscription option. They wanted access to education to help create and further develop their shows.”, he says.

Then, the Podcast Movement pivoted from the subscription model to a lead magnet. 

The most amazing thing is that anyone can join Podcast Movement University for free and have access to hundreds of hours of the best podcast education from the top podcasters in the world.


Podcast Movement Outside the U.S

Podcast Movement has presented the national network of meet-up groups from

different countries. It has always had members of the community and attendees at its events from many countries outside of the United States. 

“We are excited to continue to help podcasts and podcasters in other parts of the world through the University, our newsletters and future events!” he says. 

Young people were always among these participants.

“Youth is the future!” Easley shortly says, while adding that they want young people to have every opportunity to share their stories through this exciting medium. 

“Their voice matters. We encourage you to join Podcast Movement University.”

Podcast Movement also has a scholarship programme that you can apply to attend its events. Please click here for more details about the scholarship. 

Liked this story? 

Then you should be looking forward to our next piece- an interview with Ceredrum Podcasts – a network hosting various social topics, often considers as taboo in Kosovo. 

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About Jared Easley

Easley is the co-founder and Head of Community and Content at Podcast Movement. Jared is the host of the top rated and ranked podcast “Starve the Doubts,” which features conversations related to personal and professional development (interviews include guests such as Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin). 

Jared has been featured in such publications as Huffington Post and the South Florida Business Journal. He is also a traditionally published author. His recent book, Stop Chasing Influencers, is an Amazon and Publishers Weekly Best Seller.  

Stay Tuned! Our next piece brings to you the inspiring story of Ceredrum Podcast– a multimedia platform that surfaces societal problems through inspiring and entertaining videos.


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