The Nomad Movement: New Paradigm of Travelling is Already Here

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. The list of social media sites goes on and on. But someone has suggested a new one that might just make it to the top. Created by youth Nomad Movement is now raising money on Indiegogo to start a brand new type of social media.

The purpose of Nomadmovement is to connect travellers and allow them to share their experiences through travel diaries and photographs on one single platform. As of January 8 they had raised 1790 Euros and have a goal of 30,000 in the next 24 days.

But why create a whole new platform when so many already exist? Well, the people developing Nomadmovement haven’t found the right place to share travel photos or write about memories and stories from every individual adventure. They want this platform to make it easier to give travel tips and hints, browse through other people’s travel diaries and research ideas for future trips. They want it to be possible to search for trips and ideas based on location, travel type and a variety of keywords. This platform is supposed to inspire users to log in to read about other travelers’ stories, and it will give adventurers a chance to meet other travelers outside their own networks. Finally, the vision for this platform is to create a website that is visually beautiful and not cluttered by advertisements or applications.

The people responsible for this idea are an experienced group of travelers located around the world. The four co-founders and business/web developers live in Porto, Portugal, while the CMO lives in England and the Creative Content Director lives in Australia. Their dream for this platform arose from their own needs and experiences.

If the Nomadmovement site becomes successful its biggest competitor will be Facebook. So it is important to understand what makes their site different. Faccebook has applications and advertisements that are aimed at improving customer satisfaction and suggest products that we might like, based on our likes and preferences. The Nomadmovement project wants to be focused on one thing only: travel. They want to avoid advertisements and applications that will distract the user from anything else.

Nomadmovement will be chronological, allowing users to add trips from the past. There will be pictures and text similar to Facebook, but they will only be about trips and travel tips. It will be possible to follow other travelers, meaning that you will be notified about where they are traveling to. It will be possible to post a status update, which Nomadmovement will call a shout out. Instead of a timeline, people will have travel diaries to store and share their memories and experiences – and it will be possible to read the travel diaries of other users. So the functions of Facebook and Nomadmovement will be quite similar, but the focus of Nomadmovement makes it stand out from the other sites. That is what gives it the potential to stand out and thrive.

If you wish to help Nomadmovement become a reality, you can donate money.

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