The Many Faces of Jared Leto

Jared Leto has been able to transform himself throughout his career. Ahead of his new film, Morbius, we look at some of his best roles.

In the upcoming year, Marvel studio will release another chapter about Dr Morbius. It will be one more role in the variety that Jared Leto already has under his belt. 

Even though comics are entertainment, all the heroes have obstacles to overcome. Dr Morbius is a quite outstanding character from the comics to be released on a big screen. 

This time, the story will create a tense atmosphere on the evil side. It is a reminder the character of Morbius like the one of those Spider-Man was fighting. 

By the legend, Dr Michael Morbius, struggling with a dangerous blood disease, invents a treatment based on vampire bat science and drinks the prototype liquid. 

As a result, he turns into a vampire with a thirst for human blood. After getting the portion, Morbius became fraught with guilt, remorse, and self-loathing. 

On paper, Morbius is skilled with power and supernatural abilities. It is pretty hard to play without a computer changing appearance. 

In life, it means to transform confidence with `wild` temper, like a raging activist instead of human behaviour. 

Jared Leto is an exceptional actor, who naturally adapts his character – something he has done before.


Requiem for a Dream

In general, the plot of this film advances human wishes beyond life. The heroes are obsessed with `entertainment` (TV shows, drugs, money, etc.) and they are highly susceptible to destroyed wellness. 

It was like hunting the mare and living an illusion, instead of real life. One by one, the plot discovers stories of the people in their usual vicinity. However, even our ordinary habits could turn into a destroying reality.

The central line concerns a young guy Harold Goldfarb, drug abused and simultaneously willing to change his life. It was a sophisticated dramatic role, rich in emotions and inner transformation. 

The young Leto tackled that psychological thriller and put his name forward as one of the gifted among American actors. 


Chapter 27

This biography story covers the shortened episode of John Lennon killer, Mark Chapman. He was an ex-fan of the Beatles and came to John’s house to realise the crime. 

It was a heart-breaking day for all the listeners, as John died of the five gunshots. Mark Chapman is accused of life-long imprisonment. 

In childhood, he was passionate about the Beatles. Even as a teenager, they copied their style and played the guitar in a local band. 

From one accident, when he felt the highest humiliation, he decided to change his perspective and enter the church. 

In one of the interviews, John Lennon said that the Beatles are more popular than Christ. 

Mark Chapman was involved in religion and read the sacred book on his breaks between studying. After that, Mark’s pure passion for the Beatles turned into aggression and put the obsession to kill into his mind. 

To play Mark Chapman, Jared Leto was conditioned by two hardships he personally met. 

He had to gain 27kg, change his hair, manner and voice. 

Jared Leto drank an ice-cream cocktail with soy sauce and olive oil before bed. It helped him to complete the character. 

As soon as Chapter 27 was released, Jared Leto began intensive work-out to get the right fit again. 

Finally, Jared Leto claimed that it was the only time he played the role with scale changes. We could only imagine how hard it was to make the viewers believe him onscreen. 


Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Leto won the Oscar award for his role as Rayon, a transgender women, diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. 

The rates of difficulty were fantastic, so critics said it was the hardest one of his roles. 

The plot: cowboy Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) is diagnosed with AIDS in the middle of the 1980s. The medical treatment was experimental at that time, so he decided to change the system and started his campaign to resist the AIDs by establishing the `Dallas Buyers Club`. 

Jared Leto DBC
Star-Studded: Jared Leto starred alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner in Dallas Buyers Club

The history of DBC creation was real, while the heroes of Dr Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner) and Rayon (Jared Leto) were fictional. 

Screenwriters implemented them from the interviews with doctors, activists, transgender. It was a multi emotional story. 


The Little things

We got back to the 90s when the serial maniac killed girls in a perverted manner. 

Dick Deacon (Denzel Washington), the ex-honoured detective of California, came here from Los Angeles to help the young detective (Rami Malek) reveal the killer. 

The hero of Jared Leto, the main suspect in the crimes, appears on screen in the 40s minute of the timeline. What was intriguing and unusual for the maniac stories with the famous actor in a cast. 

Here, Jared Leto changed appearance to the appropriate outfit – long, dirty hair, jumpsuit, but what was more effective, his view. 

Abandoned and with sick eyes, pretend the main threat which reflects his illness to kill. 

Even though the cast was particular, the rates are low due to a muted plot line


Nemo Nobody

Jared Leto played the man who travelled through the space of parallel universes. He changed the time and choices to know what could be if the decision was another. 

Nemo Nobody discovers this world as multiple chances to live several lives. Also, he questioned the existence of the people as a personality. Whether we live today, it does not reject the fact that all around us is fictional. 

Jared Leto experienced four periods of his ages: childhood, teenage time, adulthood and old age. And there he lived depending on the choices he made or not. 

I guess the most spectacular of his talent – fearless to be different and feel comfortable inside his temporal character. 

He has to realise the feelings of the character he played, mix it with his own emotions and make a significant impact on making the viewers believe in his play. 

With Morbius becoming one of the newest comic books to reach the big screen, is there an issue that comic books now have with this. We had a look at it.

The Problem With Comic Books

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