The Longest Bridges in the World

Connecting two sites, usually across a river by a bridge - this was conceptualized way back in history. Nowadays, constructing bridges is even more than that. Today they can go kilometers and kilometers crossing over rivers, even seas, through uneven landscapes with steep gulches. Bridges now connect, not just two sides of the cities, but also countries. Check out some of the longest bridges.

Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge(164.8 Km)

The Longest Bridges
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge – 55km
The Longest Bridges
Bang Na Expressway – 55 Km
The Longest Bridges
Confederation Bridge, Canada – 12,9 km
The Longest Bridges
Vasco da Gama Bridge at sunrise in Lisbon, Portugal – 12,345 m
The Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark – 7,845 m
Zeeland Bridge, The Netherlands – 5 km
Bangabandhu Jamuna, Bangladesh – 4,8 km
Godavari Arch Bridge, Andhra Pradesh, India – 2,7 km

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