The Importance of Appearance in a Workplace

Appearance in the workplace can make you feel more confident and productive. Although we are in testing times, we show you you can work on it.

They say to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. The idea is to project an image of confidence by dressing more formally at the office. 

This saying isn’t always realistic as a suit may not be acceptable attire at every workplace. However, it does outline the importance of appearance in a workplace.


What is Considered Acceptable?

In today’s society, it has become acceptable to dress more casually in the workplace.

Statistics show that 59.4% of women and 59.2% of men find jeans to be appropriate workplace attire. 

There is also research that shows that millennials especially are comfortable dressing less formally.

In fact, 40.2% of millennials would wear leggings at work, 21.6% would come in with wet hair, 16.3% would wear flip flops, and 17.3% would sport workout clothes.

Dressing more casually at work is a good thing. 61% of employees are more productive in an environment with a relaxed dress code. However, it is always essential to keep your appearance in mind. 

For example, it is possible to dress less formally while still appearing professional, neat, and groomed. 


Tattoos and Piercings at Work

In the past, tattoos were taboo, especially in the workplace. Even today, surveys show that 76% of employees worry about tattoos and piercing hurting their job interview chances. 

On the other hand, 73% of people are open to hiring staff with visible tattoos. Of course, the location and the subject of the tattoo can make a significant difference. 

Although only 4% of employees report being discriminated against at work because of their tattoos.

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Confidence: Being your best self is important when deciding your appearance in the workplace

Even if your workplace is open-minded about visible tattoos, piercings, and vibrantly-dyed hair, it is a good idea to remain professional. 

Nothing about your appearance should take away from your colleagues or your ability to focus or complete your tasks.


What Our Appearance Says About Us

Unfortunately, no matter how laid-back your boss is, appearance is significant. How you look leaves an impression on your co-workers, clients, and your superiors. 

Being hardworking is the single most important thing. However, if you appear to be lazy when it comes to dressing up and grooming, people may associate these traits with your work as well. 

Maintaining a professional appearance and carrying yourself a certain way can gain you respect at work and create a good impression on those around you.

Workplaces all over the world are becoming more relaxed when it comes to dress codes. 

What was once a faux pas is slowly becoming socially accepted. However, it is always a good idea to dress to impress. 

Looking professional, neat, and well-groomed, even in a casual setting, is a great way to make a good impression and feel your best self.

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