The Central European University (CEU) Suspends Programs for Refugees

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent reports in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news summary, we speak about urge to name sexual harassment offender at Nigerian universities, $50 million sexual harassment lawsuit against ex-dean in the USA and CEU's decision to suspend programs for refugees.

Nigerian universities urged to name sexual harassment offenders

Sahara Reporters reports that the National Universities Commission of Nigeria asked universities to take active steps to curb sexual harassment in tertiary institutions across the country by naming academics found guilty of sexual harassment. Executive secretary of the NUC, professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed called for desisive action to put an end to the menace and urged universities to publish the names of lecturers found guilty of sexual harassment in newspapers. He believes that this action would prevent others from taking advantage of students. Rasheed also added: ”Sexual harassment is a major challenge in our universities and we must take decisive action to curb it. Universities should be determined to curb this and we just have to be very serious about it.”

The Central European University (CEU) suspends programs for refugees

Education programs for registered asylum seekers and regufees at the CEU are being suspended, reports Budapest Business Journal. Government’s legislation came into effect on 24th of August and includes provision of 25 per cent on funds received from abroad by organizations deemed to be supporting what the government terms “illegal migration.” In June this year, the package of legislation dubbed ”Stop Soros” was already passed. The CEU stated: “CEU’s action follows advice from our tax advisors in respect of potential liability for a 25% levy on our immigration-related programs… We are suspending these programs while we await clarification of our tax and legal situation.”

$50 million sexual harassment lawsuit against ex-dean

$50 million sexual harassment suit against Columbia University has been filed, with Tom Harford, the former dean of students of Columbia University’s School of General Studies, cited as a defendant, reports Markets Insider. The firm that filed the lawsuit represents plaintiff Jane Doe who is an undergraduate at Columbia University. She alleges Harford of engaging in manipulative and inappropriate behavior with her and believes that Columbia Universsity failed to protect her rights. The Chairman of the firm that represents her stated: ”Columbia pays lip service to the ideals of a safe campus, but it has a well-documented record of violating Title IX in preventing and responding to reports of sexual misconduct.” This will be the third sexual harassment/gender discrimination case against this prestigious Ivy League university in the past year.

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