The Best Tips to Help Lift Your Mood

On our next article on mental health awareness month, we’re providing you with first hand tips to lift your mood and remove bad vibes. Read on for more details.

There are many ways we can cope with negative emotions, and indeed, there are many sorts of negative emotions. Some of them are harder to deal with, and even more complex as a matter of fact. 

We may be dealing with anxiety and sadness, or even depression. 

All of these are serious and intense feelings that most certainly require the help of a therapist who will help you and provide you with professional expertise.

However, sometimes we may be experiencing shades of low self-confidence, low energy and a need for reconnection with our-selves.

To do this, there are some simple steps we could follow, if we only find some time to stop and realise what our minds and bodies really need. 

So here’s a brief list of things to do to lift up your mood, when you’re feeling a bit down and gloomy.


Go Out For A Walk While Listening To Cheerful Music

The best things pop out of our brains when we’re active, observing people and nature, cherishing ourselves in the moment while we listen to nostalgic songs that remind us of that amazing holiday we had a few months ago. 

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Get Out And About: Getting into nature can help lift your mood

Choose your most empowering songs (Hint: Celine Dion – Touched by an Angel), and take that walk uphill.


Take A Long Bath

Really, taking a bath requires no luxury. Buying yourself a few good smelly candles and lighting them up in the bathroom can be a more healing experience than you have ever thought. 

Adding up a few sparkles of Himalayan salt is a plus.


Go Shopping

And whatever shopping works best for you! As for me, I get cheered up by buying second hand vintage home décor items. 

The scent of old used wood induces a feeling of fuzziness within me. If buying new clothes works for you, or if jewellery boosts up your self-esteem – by all means, go ahead and do it (just don’t overdo it).



It may be a movie you have seen a dozen times, but it does not matter as long as it has a happy ending. As human beings, we tend to re-watch these movies because they give us a sense of reassurance. 

Whereas Wine is always responsible for adding up the positive vibes. 

Please do not feel guilty if you go ahead and have a bottle of it all by yourself. Self-care comes in many ways!



I listed two of these options in the same section, because they depend on the type of person you are. If you’re an introvert, staying in will help you recharge your batteries and sleep does even scientifically add up to a better mood. 

If you’re an extroverted person, socialising and having a wild night out will have you sucking up the energy of the room – only to become overwhelmed by majestic, fun moments you’re living in.


Count Your Blessings

Really, as cliché as it may sound, do count your blessings. You can count them through your thoughts or through a journal, however, remind yourself of your loved ones and the positive things that surround you. 

Be grateful for a bed, some decent food, a roof over your head, someone to call or someone that calls – and simply breathe in admitting to yourself that life is difficult but you’re being a brave person, and you’re handling everything at its finest.

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