The Best Scholarships In New Zealand

There is currently a quiet race going on in many countries in the developed world blessed with leaders who not only think with clarity but also take action to attract talented professionals. One of the mechanisms that is found efficient is, offering of scholarships to international students who will not only study and qualify but will decide to stay back and work in those countries in order to contribute towards the economy.

New Zealand is one such country. At the same time, it would be commendable that the scholarship that is granted by the government of New Zealand works in a way that the beneficiaries must guarantee to return to their own country for at least 2 years to share in the social and economic development before they can come back and add to the growth in New Zealand or migrate elsewhere.

The New Zealand Government Scholarship

Designed to attract talent from the developing world this scholarship not only offers tuition fees but also living expenses of almost NZ$ 500 per week and settling in expenses of NZ$ 3000 plus medical insurance and travel expenses to and fro. More details are available on their website.

University of Otago

This university offers scholarships of various amounts. Some that cover the tuition fees partially and others that cover more depending upon the course you are chosen for. The focus appears to be on those who will go on to become finance professionals. Incidentally, these are going to be one of the several professionals who are going to be in severe short supply in the years to come. More info.

University of Auckland ADB – JSP Scholarship

Similar to the New Zealand Government Scholarship, this scholarship also stipulates that the beneficiaries shall return to their home countries for 2 years and contribute there before returning to New Zealand or migrating to another country. The scholarship is for postgraduate studies in economics, management, science and technology and other areas relevant to development. They receive funding from the Asian Development Bank and most of the expenses are covered under the program. More info.

Massey University

This university offers scholarships in many fields, ranging from veterinary sciences to business studies. The scholarships are funded by several different organizations and can be viewed on their website.

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