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If you would like to beef up your CV, need a qualification to move up in work, or simply want to learn something new, the beauty of the internet age is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Your school uniform is pyjamas, and your campus is wherever you fancy. It’s cheap, if not free, eliminating the dread of student debt, and you can go at your own pace.

Choose Your Online Learning Resource

Read on to find the best options for online and distance learning.


The Open University

The Open University is the most obvious because it is also the most reputable choice.

Created to foster distance learning, The Open University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses and offers qualifications and degrees you can take forward into your career.

How deep you dive is up to you. You can gain a master’s degree from the comfort of your own home, or take a module in something you’re interested in.

Work full time or part time, a module at a time or multiple. Everything from criminology to nursing is on offer, all taught by leading professionals and institutions.

What makes The Open University the most solid choice is its credit program. What you earn is up to you. Earn 120 credits and you’ll get a certificate, 240 and you’ll earn a diploma and 360 for a degree. Modules are worth 30 or 60 credits and are chosen by you.



Skillshare strives to have something for every type of learner. It is a subscription-based educational service with a range of courses made for casual leaners, business teams, and those looking to use what they learn in their career.

Learn online those niche and obscure classes too odd for university, with various ways of learning incorporated. Have a go at digital animation as part of a workshop or try web development in live sessions.

Build your leadership or marketing skills as part of student projects or see what the lifestyle category has to offer if you fancy improving yourself and learning something new like cooking or how to learn more efficiently.

A class on how to take a class.

Enjoy tutors at the top of their game, who you might recognise. Queer Eye’s smiling Jonathan Van Ness gives a self-care class that covers “Releasing Limiting Beliefs” and “The Joy of Discovery” and various YouTubers show up to offer classes on storytelling or editing.

Access Skillshare ForTeams to allow your entire team to take on of 35,000 courses on the site, with support and a team plan to keep track of everyone’s progress.

There are also free online classes for you to browse on every category with a subscription of £13 a month but if you watch any YouTuber, you’re sure to find a discount code.


Open Courses

Universities and colleges are offering open courses available to learn from online. Yale, MIT and Harvard are just some of the American colleges offering online courses, even if it’s not very common from British universities.

Without the requirement of registration, Brits can take advantage of this offer to access a wealth of video, audio, and text transcript lessons on everything the biggest schools America has to offer.


Various Online Qualifications

You can get a personal trainer qualification from Study Active, or IT or business administration with Vision2Learn, or teaching qualifications with NNC Home Learning. Distance learning is taking off, becoming a vital aspect of any career.

You can find arguably any topic online with a course to take, covering health, childcare, beauty, science, business management, creativity, languages, legal, marketing, media, food, and IT.

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