Tech Confidence in Global Youth

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New location for Forbes’ Under 30 Summit

Detroit will be the new home of Forbes’ Under 30 summit which celebrates young entrepreneurs from a wide range of countries and business sectors. The next summit will take place in the American city in October 2019 and the event will stay in the Motor City for three years.

The Under 30 alumni network of entrepreneurs includes more than 5,000 young leaders from across the world who have excelled in fields ranging from business and sport, to education and philanthropy.

There are different lists, such as Forbes Under 30 Europe, the Under 30 Asia, and the new Under 30 Global Women’s Summit, which takes place in Tel Aviv later this month.

More than 9,000 people attended last year’s Under 30 summit in Boston. A similar number will attend the Detroit event. Guest speakers in past years have included Richard Branson and Malala Yousafzai.

You can book tickets here.

Tech confidence in global youth

The CEO of one of the world’s largest engineering companies has unveiled a new report indicating that young people are embracing advanced technology. Simon Segars leads ARM – which builds cutting edge computer chips – and told the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona that they had conducted a worldwide survey of technology use among young people.

“The findings range from interesting to downright disturbing, especially if you’re a parent like me,” he said. “We need to uncover the hidden impacts of the digital revolution so, as technology innovators, we can help mitigate potential downside effects. We also need to fully understand our youth’s increasing expectations of what technology will allow them to do.”

One of the key findings was expectations surrounding robot evolution. A majority of the Generation Z members surveyed said they would be happy for a robot to be their friend, look after their parents, or diagnose health problems.

It also found that 81% used a smartphone every day and that 60% frequently use voice activation software. Almost half has more than one social media account and many have different online identities across platforms.

National Youth Council

Plans for a National Youth Council have been announced by the UK government. The objective is to give young people aged under 25 a voice in national policy.

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, who is chair of the British Youth Council, welcomed the decision: “We believe that young people should be heard and have their views valued and acted upon,” she said “and we are proud to to pilot new approaches to engaging young people in the policy process.”

Part of the programme will involve a digital youth engagement strategy which will use the internet to involve young people in political decision-making by sharing their thoughts and opinions online.

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