City Quest in Hamburg: Charge Your Smartphones and Be Ready for Adventure

Youth Time Summer School is not just about training skills. There is also free space for fun. One of the most outstanding and beautiful parts of it is city quest. Our old members know, that every year on every new event, in every new city, we are one evening closer to discovering the location, but all the time in different ways. Previous year in Siena there was competition, two years before in Dubrovnik searching games. What about this year? Youth Time project manager Martina Osuškova shed some light upon it.


Martina, what Summer School’s city quest is going to be about?

Exploring, getting to know each other and learning about the city of Hamburg. The working days after will be very interesting and so to ensure that all participants get know each other, we will have CQ before the official opening. We have so many ideas and lots of interesting special tasks for the participants that we are sure that after the CQ, they all will be ready for achieving great work together.

Could you please elaborate on what CQ is?

CQ is informal activity where old and new participants need to think quickly to fulfil their tasks and “find a treasure”. The format is very simple and even some of them will meet for the first time, but they need to start thinking and working together. Participants will be divided in groups of three (mixed with old/new members). On the streets of Hamburg they need to find a YT spot where they will receive special tasks from us, for which they have only limited time. After they are done, they will receive a clue for the next YT spot. In case of failing a task, they will receive a funny penalty in order to receive the next clue.

What is necessary to know before attending Summer School’s city quest?

Besides taking some walking shoes, I can tell they will definitely have a lot of fun. Our suggestion to them is to have their smartphones with full battery ready because we guarantee them great moments that we are sure they don’t want to miss. Plus, they will definitely need it for one task, but pssst… 🙂

Do you accept any ideas for the city quest offered by participants?

Usually we do, but this time, we want to keep details about the CQ as a secret, so participants should expect the unexpected 😉

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