Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic?

The world is changing every day rapidly. All those changes are affecting all of our aspects of life. One of them is studying during the pandemic situation. How to finish your University when all circumstances are against you and everything that you are used to is not counting more? We are offering you a practical guide for studying during the chrisis.

How to Succeed in Studying a Degree during the Pandemic?

Whether you were part-way through your degree when the pandemic hit, or are set to start at university this September, studying is looking a little different. Most university classrooms are moving online in order to support social distancing, and students who are still attending lectures and seminars are typically in much smaller groups.

No matter what stage you are at when it comes to your degree, adapting to the changes that the pandemic has caused might be tricky for any student. Along with expecting to do more self-learning and research as you study online, you’ll also need to prepare for missing out on some parts of student life this year – fresher’s week isn’t likely to be on, for example.

So, what can you do to keep your spirits high and make sure that you don’t end up falling behind?


Set Up a Study Space

With campuses closed, most students are having to set up at home for the foreseeable future, whether you’re still at home with your parents, living in student halls, or in a student house.

Setting up somewhere in your home or room that is designed to make studying as easy and as comfortable as possible is a must. If you don’t have a desk and chair, now’s the time to invest in one – and get ergonomic furniture so that you don’t end up getting distracted with aches and pains. Studying during a pandemic can inspire you to change your interior and the perspective of home.

Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic 5
Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic


Stick to a Schedule

If you’ve had to transition to remote learning and lectures are now available to listen to on your own time, you’ll have to deal with battling the urge to procrastinate too. With no set times for lectures that you need to attend, it really is up to you to make sure that you continue with your schedule and stick to a good routine.

If you’re used to attending certain classes, lectures and seminars at certain times of the day and week, try to stick to what you are used to – this will also make it easier for you to get back into the swing of things when campuses open up again and things go back to normal.

Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic 3
Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic

Get Some Help

Most students who applied to study on-campus didn’t expect to be taking an online degree thanks to a worldwide pandemic, so don’t panic if you are finding making the transition difficult. You might find that focusing on your work and studying to get the best grades possible helps you to distract yourself from everything going on in the world right now, and an online tutor can help you improve your results.

You can search for a tutor at and find somebody who is experienced in the subject that you are studying to help you keep up with your work and keep your grades high despite the current situation.


Don’t Lose the Social Aspect

Many students like to meet up in groups in the library to study, and if this hasn’t been possible for you due to the pandemic, you might be feeling a little lost. If you don’t really enjoy studying on your own and prefer to do it alongside other students from your course, try to keep the social aspect going even if you can’t meet up with each other in person.

A Zoom call while you’re all studying can be a great way to try and recreate your study group virtually and keep everybody in a good routine.

Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic
Studying for a Degree During a Pandemic

Get Emotional Support

Being a student can be stressful enough, and with a worldwide coronavirus pandemic to contend with, students have been thrust into an unprecedented situation that they weren’t prepared for. Maybe you are dealing with losing your job as a result of COVID-19 or are living on a reduced income on furlough, which might not be helping your stress levels.

It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed out and anxious about the future right now, especially if your routine has had some massive changes to it. If you feel that it will help, consider getting online, or telephone therapy – speaking to somebody can make a huge difference and it’s always better than keeping it all inside.


Upgrade Your Tech

Without access to library computers and other university resources, you might be finding it more difficult to study. Dealing with an old, slow laptop might not have been too much of a problem when you mainly used it to scroll through Facebook, but it can be really frustrating to try and work on.

Check out the student discounts that you are entitled to and upgrade your tech if you need to so that you can minimise frustrations and distractions as you study.

Whether you’re mid-way through your degree course or starting uni this year, one thing that students hadn’t prepared for was a pandemic. Keep these practical tips in mind to make sure that studying from home is as easy as possible for you.

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