Study Shows School Meals Better for Pupils Than Packed Lunches

In this week’s news roundup we speak about how the meals at school are better for students, Madison zoo streaming live videos for education for kids at home and call of UK students for tuition fee refunds.

Study shows school meals better for pupils than packed lunches

According to the Guardian, new research by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex found out that a free midday meal for all four- to seven-year-olds in English primary schools fights childhood obesity. Birgitta Rabe, one of the researchers who tracked the benefits of receiving a free midday meal, commented in the article: “This intervention has a significant impact by reducing reception children’s obesity rates by 7%. It’s a small impact but it’s fast and it’s more effective than other school-based initiatives on children of this age, like running the daily mile or healthy eating messaging.” The new healthy school meals were originally prompted by campaigns from Jamie Oliver, a renowned British chef, and cost £437 a year for each child.

Madison Zoo streams live videos for education for kids at home

Spectrum News reports that even though Henry Vilas zoo is closed, kids have an opportunity to watch live videos of zookeepers interacting with animals. There is also an interactive platform where kids can ask questions about the animals. The videos are streamed live on Facebook and have up to 20,000 views. The zoo also puts activities and worksheets to go along with the videos on its website.

UK students call for tuition fee refunds

The Guardian reports that hundreds of thousands UK students signed a petition calling for tuition fee refund. Many students’ lives were disrupted by the pandemic and they faced demands from landlords on campuses. Most of universities switched to online courses, but some students were unhappy because they were not getting the university experience they were promised. Sophie Quinn, who started the petition, said: “I feel being a final year student it’s affected me the most. Obviously there was lots of industrial action, which disrupted our studies. Now with this coronavirus, I just feel like everyone has been completely disrupted.”

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