Steps to Preserve the Environment

It is not wise to wait for the government to do everything for us, but we as responsible citizens of Earth must take the initiative and take steps to preserve our planet.

Green areas are part of our ecosystem and breathing. Its conservation is vital for our life and the planet’s sustainability. The environment is vital for coexistence within our ecosystem. The first step is to educate ourselves about environmental topics and follow related news at our local and national levels about government interventions, community efforts, and the country’s general context of sustainability trends. After having an adequate level of knowledge about the cause and effect of climate change, global warming, sustainability, green economy, renewable energy, sustainable consumption, and other interlinked topics, it is better to start the transition for ourselves, our family, and then community.


Responsible Citizen Acts

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Here I refer to small steps that you can do easily, and it just needs your will and commitment with wise choices:

1. 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle); through this framework, see around your house, and find items that can be reused or can be recycled by washing them or adjusting them. This action reduces waste in your house and environment. It is recommended not to change something that works fine. Let’s not live for people and change our house items to an expensive version due to competition.

2. Volunteer and participate in building community awareness about sustainable living. You can do it in your village, town, workplace, or any location where you are most active. Build a culture of sustainable living in your community, and together every group can be better and stronger in achieving objectives.

3. In consuming water, be careful. We see many people who use sweet water with carelessness and wastewater in oceans. For instance, 1) you can reduce the duration of your bath; 2) while you brush your teeth or as you shave, turn off the tap; 3) use a dishwasher; 4) quickly fix any leaking pipe.

4. Shop wisely by carrying reusable bags instead of plastic bags, and buying products with recyclable packages.

5. Switch off unnecessary lights and use long-lasting light bulbs to make energy consumption more efficient and ensure everyone has electricity access. This also applies to your heaters in the house. It is recommended to buy LED bulbs to have efficient energy consumption.

6. Plant a tree for your birthday, school/university graduation, marriage anniversary, or other occasions in your life. This is about valuing your long, fruitful life together with nature. Trees provide food and oxygen, clean our air, keep the environment cool, save energy, and help to tackle climate change. Trees take time to grow, but it serves several generations. More trees and green areas play an air conditioning role, and there is no need for ACs as it consumes a high amount of electricity.

7. Use public transportation or bicycle for your work or university, it helps to decrease air pollution.  It is a significant step to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which are accountable for climate change. Cycling alone reduces 90% of the emission of gases and saves you fuel money. According to research, people who use public transportation for 20-miles of distance reduce CO2 emissions by 4800 pounds.

8. Food waste is not an act of sustainability for a responsible citizen and ethically when we witness hunger around us. Annually food waste is sufficient to feed about one billion people globally, and only in the United States, 40% of food is wasted in a year. Food waste ends up in landfills, and by the passage of time, part of it transforms into greenhouse gas and contributes to environmental problems.

9. Limit your meat consumption and buying meat products. One kilo of beef meat consumes 460 gallons of water per research. In meat products, there is a high amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

10. Buy second-hand items for your house or for yourself. New products need new natural resources in their production process. For instance, furniture needs trees to be cut off to make this item available to you. It is better to buy second-hand and restructure it as per your design.



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The environment is vulnerable due to human action, choices, and way of living. To protect the environment, we should act as responsible citizens of not country A or B but citizens of the planet Earth. It is better to practice the above steps in our sustainable lifestyle. Our environment supports and houses our ecosystem to grow, and failing to protect it by ignoring sustainable actions will put our lives, plants, and animals at risk of extinction. Being guardians of the environment means ensuring the opportunities for the next generations. Let’s promote, apply, and transfer our sustainable actions to our families, friends, and communities to keep nature and human balance in an organized and supportive framework.


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