Star-Cluster in Crime Comedy Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas represented the crime band in the recently released Patrick Hughes action flick, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. We take a look at this new blockbuster.

One of the things that capture you from the very beginning to the final full stop – that subtle jokes are suited to that genre. 

No, of course, in the cinematography there are several comedy actions, but this one amazes with jokes and unexpectedly in positive moments to put away personal expectations to see blood and muscles. 

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is a film to relax in the evening after a hard-working day. And just believe, this evening is going to make all the sticks and stones to one huge joke from Reynolds, Hayek, Banderas and Samuel L Jackson. 



But the thing is that its director Patrick Hughes gathered the stars like that in the one harmonic direction as all of them could interact not for the commercial but utterly with great satisfaction and personal discovery. Salma Hayek admitted in one of her interviews, a leading woman role in her fifties doing actions and shootings is a pretty stunning thing to be proud of. 

Anyway, Salma Hayek is still adorable by millions and a prominent actress for sure. Likewise, Ryan Reynolds, who played the bodyguard on the holiday, could boast about a charismatic appearance and attractive act with humour and dangerous jumps. 

His amazing attempts to relax, like spending lazy days by the pool, in sunglasses and with a book, while the guns were shooting and bombs exploding backstage. 

The bodyguard was advised by the psychologist to take a pause in the work and reject any opportunity to activate the gun or any other weapon. This reason coloured the episodes with humour. A hot pursuit or hard attacks with the mafia turned him to risk his life, but the strong answer of not touching weapons for that time. 


Banderas Is Back

Antonio Banderas appeared in the role of billionaire and evil world invader, who pretended to be bitterly in love with Sonia. She was the ex-girlfriend and the woman who broke his heart. 

They finally met each other in an unexpected storyline, and suddenly appeared, as well as Morgan Freeman in the role of Michael Bryce’s stepfather. 

The whole plot of the film intertwined with the comic stories, that are more absurd, the simple life jokes. Perhaps, these facts created the firm basement to combine the actions and comedy. 


Another question, do we see any of those actors before in the roles like this? Salma Hayek mentioned she replaced her natural Salma with Sonia, vice versa, Sonia occupied a major part of Salma`s inner habits. 

For Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson, being in the one film was a warm reason to meet each other, like old friends. 

And in general, the ambience while filming was also warm and friendly, so everyone could get their experience and as we mentioned, personal discoveries.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is another comedy we recommend you watch, just in case to have a good laugh with your friends and have nice impressions. After all, this comedy is one of the striking films of the season, we can’t skip it for sure.

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