Six Ways To Imrpoving Your Music Marketing

Today’s music artists have struggled with marketing their creative projects for years! It is a hard note to play as the music industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. As music streams continue to incline there are honest truths, and reality’s artists must implement to reach musical success.

The internet has become a world of its own. The value and importance of internet access are held to the highest standard as daily interaction depends on the use of technology.

For some, technology can be a burden if one cannot keep up with the rapid pace of internet advances. 

Music, however, has begun a harmonious relationship with the internet and leans on each other for efficiency and further development.

Artists in today’s hemisphere are persuaded, if not forced, to create an online presence to stay competitive within the entertainment market. 

Although marketing is said to have tricks and tips, the music industry remains exclusive. Many artists struggle with gaining traction towards their music as more artists are flashed into virality and fame. 

The most discouraging factor is that many artists aren’t knowledgeable of self-promotion as well as music marketing and just want to make art! The advancements of technology have increasingly changed music artist’s perception of their expectation and duties.

Is there a proper way of self-managing for a sustainable music career?

The most important truth is that artists can, over time, develop strategic strategies to learn how to market their music.

Like anything in life, the first requirement is to be willing to put in the time, effort, and work. 

Relying on the nature of the beast that is the internet is wasteful and time-consuming. The artist must take it upon themselves to grow their musical empire.


Marketing is Not THAT Hard

Although marketing music is necessary, it does not have to be hard. Many artists climb into the music industry with only the love of music as their sole tool. Many don’t believe they will need to learn proper marketing routes to get their music heard. 

However, learning music marketing or music promotion can be self-taught without university skills or a degree.

Through various articles, books, and videos the artist will gain the knowledge needed to implement proper tools to self-promote. 

As the artist progresses, they may even begin to find the process fun.

Live video streaming concept
Live video streaming concept


The Value of Awareness

Another truth focuses on the value of music marketing and awareness being its focal point. A lot of musicians may have a ‘Disneyland mindset’ when it comes to creating music.

Musicians may feel that by recording a solid album, and making it available for people through streaming services, that their music will miraculously generate sales and earn downloads. 

From personal experience, this tactic is not sustainable. My mother would say to me at a young age, the idea that there is a strong difference between being talented and letting people know about your talent. 

With new artists hitting the online music market stage daily, relying on talent is not enough.

Music marketing is all about showing listeners the existence of the artist’s music and convincing people to try the product (in this case, music).


The Two Way Street Process

The third truth is all about the effectiveness of music marketing. Artists that find much success have managed to understand the ‘Two Way Street’ process. 

The ‘Two Way Street’ process is marketing involving a two-way interaction. Some artists are used to the one-way interaction which is relaying messages to listeners and fans. 

However, the process of interaction through conversation serves a stronger purpose. For example, although it may seem tedious, replying to all messages from followers new and old, will only grow the artists following and increase streams and downloads. 

By getting listeners involved with their music career, allows people to feel more connected and supportive.

Musician recording an album
Musician recording an album

An Ongoing Requirement 

One of the more crucial truths is the fourth truth. The fourth truth is that the marketing of one’s music is an ongoing necessity. 

Artists must realise the amount of time that goes into this process. Some artists believe they can stop marketing after the album has been released, but this is false.

The artist must view their album, as a newborn baby. 

While developing in the mother’s stomach, the baby develops from a fetus to the cute bottle of joy that is a baby once born. 

Recording the album, along with writing and creating the album is similar to the fetus stage. Once the album is born, it needs proper love and nurturing to grow. 

Although silly, if the artist views their creations as delicate and important as an infant, then they will see their musical success expand.


Allow Help When Needed 

 The fifth truth is to allow help when proposed. Allowing other individuals to help market, will make the process a lot easier. 

What I have learned, as an artist, is that I can’t do everything. Superman’s abilities do not show all the time. Marketing alone can leave an artist feeling burned out and frustrated.

To some artist’s surprise, there are many individuals interested in data analysis and analysing productivity in terms of artist streams, sales, etc. Artists must utilise them. 

The reality of music marketing, however, is that no one will help you 100% of the time. If an artist wants to be signed to a record label, many labels won’t sign the artist unless they have basic music marketing capabilities. 

It is the artist’s music, and with that, requires the artist to give 100% effort into pushing out their music to the masses.


Expand the Promotional Horizons

The last truth is that promoting music only online is a huge mistake. The internet has become an impactful entity of music sharing, but it is not the only place. How can this be done? 

Through various concerts and gigs, music listeners will be able to gain a true perspective of your music! Selling merchandise along with physical CDs, can bring the artist more financial success. 

So, although music marketing may seem discouraging at times, it can be done! With determination and drive, the artist truly has the capability of self-promoting. Why would they not? 

Artists create music because they love what they do. If the love for music is strong, marketing it will be just as important. 

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