Six Best Scholarship Websites For International Students

Every week, we give you 10 scholarship opportunities to dive into. But how do we find them? Here's how!

When it comes to scholarships, the more the merrier. Knowing that there are opportunities out there that can help you fund your dream education gives confidence to aim higher and set bigger goals. 

Here we’ve listed the best opportunities platforms where you can find something for your own taste. 

If you want to maximise your chances of getting the scholarship, there are several things to consider. 


How To Find Full Scholarships That Suit You

Where to search for scholarships?

Depending on the type of opportunity, you can go to the university’s financial aid/scholarships section, search for industry-based foundations and charities, use scholarship search engines, and enquire about the international office at your educational institution. 


Full vs. Partial Scholarships

If your personal circumstances require you to apply for full scholarships, make sure that it says so on the website. Sometimes universities tend to use vague descriptions of funding opportunities. 

For example, if it says that ‘students will receive scholarships based on their academic achievements’, then it most likely means that the scholarship won’t fund the whole programme. 

However, you have better chances of getting full scholarships if you see something like this: “The scholarship will meet 100% of a student’s demonstrated need.”


Apply, Apply, Apply

Why should you apply for more than one scholarship? This way you can diversify your risks. 

Applying to only one means that the stakes are so high, there is no chance for a mistake. 

On the other hand, if you apply to several scholarships, your life won’t depend so much on the decision of one admissions office. 

Additionally, you will feel more confident during the application process and interviews because you will have a plan B, C and maybe even Z if something goes wrong. 

All these tips are useful once you’ve identified the scholarships you’d like to apply for. And in order to do just that in the most efficient way, here are six best platforms that provide information on opportunities for international students. 



This platform is the first African website for scholarships, academic positions, and conferences. The platform provides information on a range of opportunities available for international students. 

The information on the website is neatly presented so that viewers can search for opportunities based on the level of study, location, institutions, and the type of scholarships. 

Students can access the information for free without registration, although there is an option to sign in onto the website using Gmail. 

This will allow you to save your favourite opportunities, receive personalised reminders and newsletters. 

Languages: English, French, Arabic 


Opportunity Desk 

Opportunity Desk is the largest digital media platform that provides information on educational opportunities for youth from around the world. 

The landing page conveniently places all the recent updates on the website which include articles and scholarships. 

If you are a frequent visitor, the simplest way to keep up with the new information is to check out the Latest on the Desk section. There you’ll find opportunity headlines and the number of days left before the deadline. 

Those who are looking for a specific opportunity will benefit from going straight into the appropriate section, e.g. conferences, scholarships, competitions grants, fellowships, etc. 

If you represent an organisation or would like to share an opportunity on the platform, you may do so via an online form here

Languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hausa, Igbo, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Yoruba



OYA Opportunities is a platform that helps connect young people with the sectors full of opportunities. 

The landing page takes you straight to the featured opportunities with the ongoing application process. 

And if you want to get a taste of what’s available in terms of internships, scholarships, conferences, and more, simply scroll down the landing page. 

As you move down the page, you will see selected opportunities for each category as well as the most recent updates and trending scholarships. 

In case you want to dive into all the opportunities and pick them yourself, simply choose All opportunities and all regions in the search bar and you will access all the scholarships posted on the website. 

On top of the usual categories the platform also features job opportunities, entrepreneurship events, and Models UN.

Languages: English 


Youth Opportunities

This is another opportunities platform that allows you to both search for and submit opportunities for students from around the world. 

The search engine allows you to filter the opportunities based on the funding (full to partial), region of origin, opportunity type, and the deadline. 

To better navigate through a plethora of scholarships, take notice of such phrases  such as “full scholarship” and “partial funding” that are placed on each opportunity. This way you can sieve through the grants faster. 

Languages: English

If you are searching for internship opportunities both in-person and offline, look no further than the Erasmus Intern website. 

The platform allows students from around the world to benefit from internships provided by verified companies. 

The platform’s search engine allows you to narrow down your search to the opportunities that suit you best. 

Here you may use the advanced search to select internships based on your education, mode of placement (offline/online), field of study, duration, financial compensation, and the language.

In order to be able to send applications to prospective internship providers, you need to register on the website. Sometimes you can apply straight through the company’s website. 

Languages: English


Youth Time Magazine

This platform is by far the best source of scholarships simply because the opportunities are hand-picked for our readers. 

Here at YT we try to feature the opportunities that provide the most funding so that young people of all backgrounds can benefit from these grants. 

Youth Time’s opportunities section features scholarships, internships, and competitions, and has a separate section for each of them. We post new opportunities every week and really try to find the best deals available. 

Languages: English

Applying for scholarships is a skill that you need to be constantly honing if you want to stay ahead of the curve and benefit from more educational opportunities. 

Remember that every year admissions committees receive applications that become more sophisticated and tailored. 

So if you want to be among the finalists, start early and make sure to gather all the information to become an ideal candidate.

Just one example of the scholarship opportunities we bring you each and every week.

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