Should Don’t Breathe Have Returned For A Sequel?

Valeriia Pasichnyk charts us through the Don't Breathe franchise, asking whether we should have seen a sequel?

If the thriller on the screens is mad, then success is guaranteed. And if its sequel is as exciting as the previous part it hits the target. But with Don’t Breathe, can you say the same about the second part of the thriller?

What not to do in the first part happened in the second. And finally, to answer the question for the Don’t Breathe fans: But why haven’t they killed that blind man yet? They did. 

Let me remind you that now the blind rich man Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) still has a daughter, Phoenix, whom he protects from the environment.

 The girl is blocked at home, rarely getting out to the city with friends or family. She has no friends, constantly taking life survival exams. Without the knowledge of her father, she visits her mother’s grave. But one day, bandits came to her house again. Who are they?


The First Part

If you watched the first part of the thriller Don’t Breathe, the appearance of Phoenix in the second part, and the appearance of the daughter’s relations, is surprising.

Three robbers break into the house of a blind old man to steal his belongings – an enormous amount of money. Suddenly the blind man notices strangers and the acts of good fights, massacres and the squeezing of the eyes begins. 

However, the blind man was not guarding only the money. But the woman on the chain in his basement, who bore his child. Once, this woman crushed his real daughter, but was acquitted in court. The blind man committed his penalty for that child. 

He impregnated this woman and waited for the baby. All this time, he kept her on a chain in the basement. So during the first part, this obsession to conceive a new child haunts the blind man, and it seems that it is only a thought, not a real person, that exists and manages life. 


From Plot To Script

Going forward with the script, all events took place in the house – a limited space, where the protagonist has a sense of his limitations. That is, a double, multi-layered storyline is equally revealed. 

Restrictions on locations and limitations are opportunities for the robbers. However, the fight on the territory of the blind man is not limited to him. Even the fact that he is blind does not prevent him from squeezing someone’s eyes, strangling and shooting in the dark.

Therefore, a kind of multi-layered plot allows you to admire the development of history. Yet in the end, there is still a dilemma: stop, they could kill this grandfather at the beginning. Why didn’t they kill him?


The Sequel

Why? Really. Because the finale was open enough to put a full stop and rejected the ongoing second part. The attentive and not so attentive viewers could distinguish either it was worth waiting for continuation or not. 

And here, for some years, the second part of a thriller appeared on screens. In this part, drug addicts kidnap Phoenix. Those addicts have her real father as their leader. It turns out that the Phoenix has both biological parents. 

However, they have an interest in transplanting a girl’s heart for her mother. The girl, in this case, must die. And here the blind stepfather returns to the game. He saves the girl, fighting the unreal for first sight obstacles. It remains only to talk about courage and heroism. 

And who is Norman for her? He fulfilled his long-held desire to have a child. When Phoenix was a little child, he found her beside the road. Her house, a drug nest for sure, burned down in a fire and the news of this accident spread to the area. 

All the while, Phoenix grew up in Norman’s house, thinking he was her real father, none of her biological parents tried to find her. Only when a donor heart transplant was needed, they want to use the girl so much that they kidnapped her.

The finale was strikingly epic. Norman was killed, and the girl has to cut off the hand of her real mother because she chained Phoenix to herself. After all, the girl remains an orphan and now her life will be completely different. As she dreamed. 

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