SEO Tips for Maximum Blogging Potential in 2020

Understanding search engine optimization can make all the difference between a blog that succeeds and one that fails. Even companies and brands that don’t create content need to learn basic SEO in order to attract customers in a digital age. It is never too late to educate yourself and spruce up an existing website to improve organic traffic and result in maximum visibility. Learning a few basic tips as well as certain annual updates can take your business to the next level.


The Most Basic Tips

Although studying the complete ins and outs of SEO can be daunting, the basics are pretty simple and can go a long way. The main thing is to realize what your customers are actually searching for. What brings them to your website? What answers/solutions can you and your business offer customers? Once you figure these out, you will be better armed to do some keyword research.

Knowing what your customers want is step one. Turning it into content that will attract new visitors is next up. Once you know the keywords that will bring someone to our website, it is easy to write new articles or copy as well as revise older texts to optimize them. Keep in mind that the number of desired keywords has changed over time. While before, more was better, today it can be counterproductive to use more than a few keywords as it is considered keyword stuffing.



The importance of keywords is undeniable
The importance of keywords is undeniable

Simple ways to research keywords can be using Google to see what people are searching. Google Trends, Keyword Generator, Keyword Sheeter and Keyworddit are all great free options. It is also important to consider that keywords can be short, consisting of just one word, or long, including an entire phrase that someone may search. There are pros and cons to both, you need to decide which one works best for your needs.

Finally, once you have these keywords, it is important to know where to place them. It is best to have the keyword in your title and first paragraph, but also spaced well throughout the text. Using headings to split the text into shorter sections, which is always recommended, should also be done. If you have many sections, try to incorporate the keyword in one or two as appropriate. In the end it is all about balance and not overdoing it. Remember that great content is key, however understanding keywords will get more people to see it.


Site Optimization

Optimization process
Optimization process

Even though keywords are incredibly important to SEO, there are various other factors that have a big impact on your site. Improving a user’s experience can make a significant difference. It is not only clicking on your content that matters, but the amount of time spent browsing. In addition to spending more time on your site, improving page speed will give you a better ranking on search engines. This can be done by using quicker-loading layouts, using smaller image sizes.

Another trick to keeping people on your site longer is writing a longer text with more images and videos. Linking to relevant articles on your site is another way to keep people reading your content. As an alternative to links to click on within the text, you can also encourage readers to click on similar articles by showing other relevant posts. There are plenty of plug-ins out there that can help you do many of these things automatically. It is just important to figure out which to use and how to properly set them up for maximum success.


2020 TIPS

2020 Tips

SEO changes over time as technology advances and the way we shop changes. Using fewer keywords has been better for SEO rather than keyword stuffing. Not only is it better, but using more than the recommended amount can hurt your rankings. However, it isn’t just the amount of keywords that has changed but the keywords themselves. With more people using smart assistants and voice searches, keywords become longer, often in the form of questions.

Backlinks are more important now than ever before. Basically, you want other people, websites and businesses to consider you a valuable resource. If they do, they will link to your website or a specific blog post. The more backlinks you have, the better. Especially if they come from popular, high ranking websites. You can use social media to advertise your content and tag relevant parties to encourage backlinks, shares and more.


Content is kingContent is King


Although quality of content can sometimes seem less important that checking everything off your SEO checklist, it is still the most important. You could have a perfectly functional website that draws in visitors, but if they see spelling errors, bad writing, or don’t get the answers they are looking for on your site, they will leave. Writing up useful, accurate and easy-to-follow information gives you a great reputation and can make people pick you out of a list of resources. Great quality content is also one of the most important factors in backlinking.

Last but not least- useful tips: Piracy in writing is a crucial thing that can destroy the reputation of a writer or a site within no time. Plagiarism includes the stealing of someone else’s ideas, thoughts, and use it in your own content without the permission of the author. This illegal and unethical activity is against the norms of writing and is considered a violation of creative writing. That’s why it is essential for a professional writer to check for plagiarism before uploading any content over the web to stay safe from any unpleasant circumstances.

The use of an online plagiarism checker is suitable in this regard as you can use this online facility to find plagiarism in writing within no time. You also don’t have to install or download any application on your device to get assistance from an online similarity checker. Many online platforms, including smallseotools, provide you with a free facility that can help you in finding duplication in content without spending any money.

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Learning SEO can be intimidating, especially when you are starting from scratch. With online content changing and growing in quantity, there is more competition now than ever before. It makes it even harder when websites pay for ads and better ranking on search engines. However, understanding even a few simple tips can make a world of difference. Keep in mind that it can take several months to see the fruit of your SEO-optimization labor. The hard work is definitely worth it and will pay off in the long run!

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