SEA Greece: A Gift from the Youth of Greece to the Youth of the World

From Greece and around the world, SEA Greece are using their sea to bring opportunities to young people. We spoke to this organisation to see how they are inspiring the next generation.

Using the sea as a vehicle to transfer the message of world’s harmony and union, SEA Greece is an informal group of young people focusing on multidisciplinary activities that has as a main goal to activate young people through many types of workshops, meetings and Erasmus Projects.

In this exclusive interview with Youth Time, Georgia-Evengelia Karagianni, SEA Greece Founder and President shares that the idea of the group was born in 2018 in Greece.

During a meeting in France, in early 2019, the structure of the organisation was fomalised. 

Since then, SEA Greece has already taken part in several projects around Europe, youth Exchanges, training courses.

In this piece, Karagianni shares more on the organisation’s main aim of giving other young people the opportunities that she had been given through other organisations and to create new chances to meet lovely people abroad.


A Helping Hand

According to her, the most important is to help young people realise they are not just citizens of Greece, but also citizens of Europe and – even more so – citizens of the world.

“The sea is one of Greece’s natural treasures and symbolises, for us, the unity of the countries of the world.

“As an association we want to share with youngsters the message that their country has many opportunities that they should use them well.”

She brings up their local activity which is based on workshops and how SEA Greece is also involved in many European meetings, as a sending organisation.

“We focus our action on youngsters with fewer opportunities in our capital city, Athens, but also around Greece. 

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Helping Hand: SEA Greece

“Our members and volunteers come from different organisations around Greece and they aim to share their experiences and knowledge with our junior members.”

SEA Greece’s major projects are international, Erasmus+, both youth exchanges and training courses.

“During less than one year, we have realised nine projects, as a sending and partner organisation with European and non-European countries. 

“With several topics such as environment, international affairs and youth life. Our background as participants and co-organisers gave us the experience to be a good sending organisation.”


Creating Connections

SEA Greece’s current basic project is their social media campaigns.

“Our digital tool is Facebook and Instagram – you can find our SEA Greece page there.”

These campaigns have as primary goals:

  • to mobilise more people to help others in need,
  • to find some national and international opportunities such as internships, studies and job positions.

In these pages, they post many types of workshops, seminars, webinars, wanting to inform youth as for the Erasmus opportunities too and give them some relevant information.

“We also have a cooperation with the international European Union (EU) affairs and business Magazine – European Business Review. 

“We want to keep our followers informed, each day, and we are trying to share some national and international culture ideas, through some videos and info-cards, basically.”

Besides, SEA Greece’s administrative board is helping the local community through donations or volunteer races.

“SEA Greece puts youth at the centre and gives young people the opportunities that our team members had been given through other organisations.

“We create new chances for youngsters to meet lovely people abroad. Erasmus is a life experience, undoubtedly, and can change lives.”


Challenges and Possibilities of Engaging Youth

Today, young people face many challenges, Karagianni goes on, and focuses on the changes brought by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 has created ‘The ‘New Normal’, and it has worsened the pre-existing problems. 

“There is an insecurity challenge among young people regarding their future. 

“Market developments and a shifting economy have reshaped the labour market, leaving many young people unemployed.”

She reckons that the competition is great and, therefore, young people should make a greater effort in order to become competitive and to find more employment opportunities.


Growing up and Abandoning the Comfort Zone

On a positive note, Karagianni shares some advice on how this would be achieved.

“As long as they [young people] seize every opportunity that comes their way, as long as they pursue progress, evolution and diversity. 

“Besides basic studies, they must gain other types of skills that can be gained by pursuing opportunities.”

“Our organisation aims at creating and communicating new opportunities to young people.

“We try to keep them informed of developments and current opportunities that arise.”

She shares the following advice for young people:

  • You should dare things and take some “safe” risks, leaving your comfort zone
  • You should taste new things
  • Life is tasteful but you have to taste it first- this is how you gain experiences
  • If you do not make any change, nothing is going to change
  • You hold your own life into your own hands.
  • Do not let anyone hold you back!

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