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The Republic of Ireland due to it’s progressive policies is keeping well ahead of the curve, both in terms of economy and young population. There is one birth every 8 minutes, one death every 16 minutes and one migrant is admitted into the country every 90 minutes, resulting in a net gain of one person every 14 minutes. The median age in the country is an impressive 37.1 years. Not just that the population of those over 65 is only 13.32 percent making the country well equipped to support its old and finance the various systems; including health care and infrastructure.

Even though university fees in the country is quite high, ranging from 3,000 to 55,000 $ equivalent per year, they make adequate efforts to attract talented and gifted individuals from across the globe through scholarships. Below are some of the best scholarships the country has to offer:

Government of Ireland
The department of education of the Government of Ireland awards hundreds of scholarships each year. These can cover university fees and more. The scholarships are mainly for those from non EU and EEA countries and are awarded on a case to case basis. It would be best if you were to write to them directly giving your background and achievements. More info.

Fulbright Ireland-USA
Mainly for citizens and residents of the EU this body awards several scholarships each year. For 2021 and 2022, they will start taking in applications starting August of this year. More info.

GMIT Non EU Scholarships
These scholarships, as well, are decided on a case to case basis. As the name suggests, the scholarships are available to those from outside the EU. The best way is to write to their international office at GMIT Galway CAMpus, Dublin Road, Galway, Ireland or contact them via email: More info.


Each of the universities awards hundreds of scholarships each year. You will find the websites of universities in Dubin in our article. Do visit their scholarship page for more information. Most of these scholarships are from the Government of Ireland or through the collaborations the universities have with various bodies.

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