Scholarships in Nothern Europe

The North European countries are usually rated as among the 10 to 15 best countries in the world to live in, consistently. Given the focus towards education and inclusiveness, it’s quite evident why many a university student wants to study in these countries. However, since most of those who want to study abroad and excel in their studies cannot afford to, it’s scholarships to the rescue. Let’s have a look at some of the best sources in these countries.


The scholarships are awarded mainly by the University of Iceland, Reykjavik University and the Icelandic Ministry of Education.

Some of these scholarships are country specific and others are for foreign students who wish to study in Icelandic language, mainly literature and history. These are fully and partially funded scholarships.
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Norway has for decades been known to offer scholarships to students from as far away as India and Africa. The government makes its best efforts not only to attract foreign students but also retain talent who will go on to live in the country.

About 12.2 percent of the population is of immigrant background and almost 6 percent of the population comprises of mixed origins between Norwegians and foreigners. You shall find more information on scholarships on this website.


The best scholarships are awarded by the Swedish Institute which cover:

  • travel,
  • studies,
  • sustenance allowance
  • and health insurance.

There are also several other scholarships that Swedish universities offer in order to attract good talent from across the globe. Some of the scholarships are specifically targeted towards Africa. These two websites shall be useful.

More info on the website of Swedish Institute and Study in Sweden.


The country offers several scholarships.

These are under bilateral grants:

  • The Erasmus program,
  • Fulbright scholarships,
  • The Danish government scholarships
  • The Danish State Education Support.

Some of the scholarships are specifically focused towards the Non EU and Non EEA countries. This website shall give you more information and also links to several other websites.

More about Scholarships in the world, you can discover here.

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