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Enlightened governments around the world and especially in those countries where the population is ageing fast, in percentage terms, go that extra mile to encourage international students not only to study in their country but to settle there once they have obtained the skills and the qualifications. Canada in particular is one such country and they have what is called the Post Graduation Work Permit Program offering international students a work permit for 3 years during which they apply for permanent residency.

As a part of the extra distance that they go, the government also encourages the accomplished ones to study in Canada through various scholarship programs. In this article we give you the first installment of some of the more interesting Canadian universities from the viewpoint of scholarships.

Note that each year there are fresh announcement about scholarships.

University of Alberta
The university sets aside 28 million dollars each year to award scholarships mainly to support undergraduate students. They also guide students towards other bodies willing to finance them so that they can study at the university.

University of British Columbia
This university sets aside 20 million dollars each year for undergraduate students. Ranked among the top 50 universities in the world this university attracts students several countries.

University of Ottawa
Ranked among the 200 best universities the University of Ottawa has several programs for the funding of students not just for undergraduates but for higher studies as well, including postdoctoral studies. Please visit their website page as given above for complete details.

University of Toronto
This university has scholarship awards for more than 4,400 students each year for undergraduates. In addition to being a prestigious university the University of Toronto has the distinction of having the third largest library system in North America with 44 libraries.

McGill University
Additional to several scholarships based on merit, the university has other programs based on need. The university announces that they have international students from over 150 countries and is the most internationally diverse research intensive university in Canada.

University of Calgary
While assisting undergraduate students for financial aid the university has two special awards of 25,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars paid yearly for 4 years. The university is based in Alberta and also has a campus in Doha, Qatar.

Queen’s University
Financial assistance is provided by this university on both merit and need basis. The amount ranges from 36,000 to 80,000 dollars. This is one of the research intensive universities and the scholarship that was created by the Canadian businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich extends to this university as well, among many others.

Canada offers many sport and travelling opportunities

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