Tricks To Learn Python Programming Language

Today nearly everything that surrounds us is programmed. Starting from even the microwave and numerous appliances in our homes. So maybe it is time not  just play a game, but make one?

According to the US job market, it is expected that by 2020 there be more than a million job openings in the field of computer science. While you were reading this article, you may have been contemplating what I should pursue as a career and profession, namely one who would fill one of the million jobs available. However, as you are reading this article you are on the right track regarding guidance for your first steps towards the field of technology.

Based on the statistics that US news has published of the “best jobs” in 2015, the third ranked job is software developing.  It is a field with a nice yearly income and you can often work from your own home.

There are many programming languages that are available to learn online for free. But where should you start? As an experienced programmer, I would suggest starting with the python programming language. It involves a language where the syntax is quite simple and clear to learn. This programming language has numerous uses in the real world. For instance, it is used in GMAIL, the Dropbox cloud drive, YouTube, and the game Call of Duty.

Best way to start learning python

There are many ways you can start learning Python programming language, either by a book, e-book, or an online website. The best place to start learning python is the webpage of Code Academy which everyone has started in this page. This is a good place to start with and you will walk through the main concepts and the syntaxes of python. After finishing this course I would prefer starting with the book of “Python programming for Absolut beginners” by M.Dawson. A book which walks you through revising the elementary concepts and ends with some amazing graphical user interface games in which you can create and get the feeling of a real programmer. By the end you finish this course and this book, you can be considered that you are ready for hands-on projects of solving real life problems using this language.

Top Employers for Python programming

There are many employers around the world, for who you could work for. But the most famous one is Google. If you search for google internships, the first language that they require to know is Python programming. Hard work programmers in python are the target students of google. You can choose to work between offices of googles around the world. The most famous places except the Silicon Valley if you live in Europe, Google has its own offices in Dublin (Ireland), Zurich (Switzerland) in which office is managed all the Google Maps layers for entire Europe. Frankfurt (Germany), and many other countries. Another company that operates using only Python Django framework is DIVIO. A Swiss based company that develops the Django content management system. If you want to have a summer internship in web developing especially web applications in Django, Divio gives you the chance to do this.

You can see the jobs demanded in this field during 2013 and 2014 which for real shows a reality of a growing language.

Average salary of python developers.


The community of this programming language is expanding daily. If you google python jobs, you will have numerous of choices and companies where you can choose between companies competing to find best programmers available. Your career is on your hands, whether you want to start now or later it is your choice, but time is worthy and programming languages need some more time to reach the advanced level of knowledge. I recommend that you start to think about your career right now and plan your future path.

Keep in touch with us, because we will be revealing the latest skills for your future career in the next articles of Technology and the Future Job Market.

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