Phenomenal Women In Movies

It's all about women. Four remarkable stories for a fulfilling weekend. Here are our movie picks. As we all know woman power cannot be ever underestimated.

Our first film is a biographical story of the the writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch played by both Kate Winslet and Judi Dench. The movie is about Iris and her relationship with her husband John Bayley, played by Jim Broadbent and is based on the book by Bayley. The film shows how two people with entirely contrasting tempraments stand by each other through every step of life.

My Old Lady
Inheriting a house is a sweet happening for many. For Mathias, who in his own words, was born with a silver knife in his back, it wasn´t such a surprise. The house has one tiny glitch though – a tenant! An older lady Mathilde (Maggie Smith) lives there with her daughter and does not have the slightest intention of leaving her home. Nevertheless, as they say, sometimes the best thing to happen is when we don´t get what we want. Also Mathias slowly realises that she, through her anecdotes, helps him to know his deseased father better.

Woman in Gold
Another remarkable story. This one is about Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) who had to emigrate during the WWII due to her Jewish origins from Austria to the USA. So far it could be a story of so many if Maria didn´t come from a wealthy family and wasn´t a niece of Adele Bloch-Bauer, a wealthy patron of the arts. Among the properties of Adele´s family is also famous portrait of herself by Gustav Klimt known as “The Woman in Glod”. And this piece of art became a centre piece of one of the most extraordinary restitution cases between Maria and The Republic of Austria, after which the painting that was displayed in the Austrian State Gallery, had to be returned to her.

Norma Rae
The film Norma Rae is a true story which follows the ordinary life of Crystal Lee Sutton who works in a cotton mill and the same as many of her co-workers is being exploited, until she meets a trade unionist under whose influence she starts her fight for the workers union and for better working conditions. In the title role is Sally Field.

Photo: IMDB

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