Perfect Time For Visiting Český Krumlov – Pearl Among Czech Towns

Small by size, big by an importance – that is Český Krumlov. A little town in South Bohemia, not far from České Budějovice with a permanent population of 60 000 which can explode to ten times as much during the seasson that starts now in spring.

From a ghost city in winter Český Krumlov turns into a pulsating eventful place.

View from castle tower.

Historicaly Český Krumlov was the seat of several powerful families, among them the Rosenbergs and Schwarzenbergs. The medieval town lies on the bank of river Vltava, which romantically winds  around the town in the form of a loop. From 1992 the town has been on the UNESCO heritage list.

One of the picturesque streets leading towards the castle.

Must see are the historical old town, the small meandering cute little streets and the charming shops lining them.

Not to be missed is the large residence of the dukes, the castle of Krumlov which offers two guided tours with the furnished interiors from the 16th, 18th and the 19th centuries. Apart from that, visitors can also see castle museum, the castle tower, a baroque theatre and several exhibitions.

Info about entry.

With regard to accomodation, the locals are well prepared for the onslaught of tourists and offer different types of rooms that include accommodations for backpackers going up to posh hotel rooms.

Due to its importance, the transport connection to Český Krumlov is quite excellent  both by bus and train which ply several times a day.

Cloak Bridge of the Castle.

Photos: Martina Advaney

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