Opportunity To Volunteer In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

The Bonobo Conservation Project of World Wide Fund for Nature is looking for a volunteer for the term of 6 months at least to support their research and ecotourism activities with two groups of habituated bonobos. Deadline to apply is December 17th.

The volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be responsible for the supervision of one team of 9 local workers, which includes:

  • work plan development
  • conflict management and mitigation
  • working in the forest to monitor local workers
  • analysis and report writing

Applicants from all countries are eligible to apply.

Main criteria:

  • A undergraduate degree or Masters in Primatology or a related subject
  • GPS and GIS skills
  • At least basic French, the trackers do not speak English
  • Experiences with ecotourism projects
  • Willingness to work flexible hours, during weekends and long hours during the day.
  • Physically fit enough to walk long distances in difficult conditions

The program is fully funded. The volunteer will be provided with: accommodation, meals, travel costs incl. return economy air travel. Also, there is a monthly allowance of $200.

To apply and to volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo please submit your application in either English or French, including covering letter and CV, via email, with the subject heading Bonobo Team Leader_your name.

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