Now Is The Best Time To Take Cuttings To Grow Various Plants

As summer approaches its end it's time to begin working on your garden again since the temperatures are lower. So prepare your cuttings and allow them sufficient time to take root so that they can be replanted before winter arrives. What needs to be done? Check out our visual guide.

There are several ways to prepare the medium for growing cuttings, here we introduce to you one of them. What you will need: Apart from actual cuttings you will need soil, stimulant for rooting and Perlite. Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a high water content and helps keep the soil moist. It can also be used without soil. Be careful, Perlite increases the volume when it comes in contact with water, therefore fill the containers accordingly.
Mix the soil with Perlite in the ratio approx. 1:10.
The next step is to decide on the containers in which the cuttings will be placed. Experience says mini plastic greenhouses with separated compartments work quite well. Fill the pot leaving some space at the top (Perlite will increase the volume). Water well.

After planting, the roots should be kept warm. Here a kitchen wrap foil will serve you well.

Make small holes into the stretch foil

The cuttings should be picked only after you have the pot fully prepared so that they don´t start wilting.

Each cutting should be dipped in the stimulant and then placed through the hole in the stretch foil, into the soil.
The cuttings should be taken from healthy plants only and the actual cut part should not have blossoms. Ideally, they should be small lengths from a larger stem.
You can make a whole collection of new plants which should start taking roots in 6 – 10 weeks. Keep them moist and in a warm place. After they take root, plant them in your garden before winter.

Photos: Martina Advaney

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