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Nowadays not a single digest in the news feed of any media outlet goes without hot news regarding new technologies and innovations. And while we are pondering on the probable impact that the latest technologies will have on our lives, and how they will transform it, we have already been captivated by high-speed Internet access, feature-rich smartphones, voice dialing, smart vacuum cleaners and juice squeezers.

We will try to explore the phenomenon of new technologies from different perspectives. On one hand, there are concerns that soon we will forget how to write with an ordinary ball pen, we’ll stop reading and admiring the world without an access to Wikipedia or a mobile camera in our hands. On the other hand, there is an optimistic fascination with the power of human mind.

It gets harder for us, journalists, to keep track of the latest developments in the field of innovations, because today it looks more like a squally wind, than serenely and peacefully flowing tendencies. One object of admiration gives way to a new admiration, and the fear of going astray in the new environment is mounting. What lies ahead of us? Is it possible that we will be enslaved by machines without even noticing it, just as fantasy authors and some scientists have predicted a long time ago? Or, perhaps, we will cope with the technological paranoia, and accept those gadgets, chips and smart watches as a given, just as modern kind do. Let’s delve into this topic together.

Also you will find in the 29th issue:

Notes from the Guardian Changing Media Summit: Content Is More Important Than Form

Photoproject: The Man-Machine (Tokyo – Osaka – Kyoto)

Apple: Blind Worship of Forbidden Fruit

Failed Innovations: The Greatest Developer Flops of the Last Few Years

How to Hide on the Internet? Tips for Those Who Do Not Want to Leave Tracks

Normcore: I Do (Not) Care about the Style



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